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Top 10 Comedies


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You love to laugh, right? You love to smile? What are some of your favorite movies that do just that?

1. Ace Ventura
2. Coneheads
3. Mars Attacks
4. Austin Powers
5. The Mask
6. Tropic Thunder
7. Talladega Nights
8. Dodgeball
9. Coming to America
10. Grown Ups

erasure fan1

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In no particular order
Bill and teds excellent adventure
Ace Ventura
Happy gillmore
Dumb and dumber
Tommy boy
Billy madison
Bench warmers

Princess Leia

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In no order-

Blazing Saddles
Some Like It Hot
Hot Fuzz
Young Frankenstein
Bringing Up Baby
Austin Powers 1
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Proposal


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in no order...
animal house
blazing saddles
young frankenstein
team america: world police
a fish called wanda
there’s something about mary
groundhog day
what about bob?

i’ll throw in some oldies
any abbott & costello
arsenic & old lace
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No particular order....

Good Morning Vietnam
Old School
Better Off Dead
Spinal Tap
Hot Tub Time Machine
The Princess Bride
Wedding Crashers
This Is Where I Leave You
Date Night
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