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News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom


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Update:. They are now down from three train operation to just 1. They need aot of practice.

I got on at Main Street USA at 2:33pm. Took about 10 minutes or so and we were finally on our way. Roy had a long delay at Frontierland Station. But after 10 minutes there we were again on our way. We got to Fantasyland Station but by 3:15 gave up and left so I would not miss the parade. As luck would have it soon after I left on foot for town square Roy left Fantasyland Station and easily beat me there. He then remained at the station for the duration for the parade. When he left the station attendants mention Roy was now the only train on the line.

So it's 4pm now with one:(. But at least it's going.

On a lighter note: maybe it was due to the accident that unfolded directly Infront of me during the parade? There was a "train" accident where as I watched the locomotive disconnected from the rest of the train and then went all the way around the track and smacked into the back of the train! It then began pushing it's train around instead of pulling it. Fortunately no one was hurt.
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Oh the drama..... on the parade float's model railroad ,😂

But the WDWRR really is now running with one. Sigh
Great. Here comes ANOTHER clickbait article generated by an honest post here on WDWMagic. “Train COLLISION On Reopening Day of WDW Railroad.”


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Perhaps I missed it, but I was thinking the reopening would be this huge deal..music, countdown, characters and crew arrive on the train, fireworks shoot from the station - similar to how the old welcome show used to be...

Was there any fanfare for the 4 year later return of a favorite attraction?
It's apparent to me they wanted the attraction online ASAP within the month of December and it got a greenlight to open within 24 hours of opening.


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I'm so glad the back half looks so much better behind Fantasyland. All the greenery and shrubs look to be cut back and the water isn't so murky. Long overdue. Its not so thick along the tracks.
In my opinion, it's too cut back. And the water typically isn't working in the winter. Don't worry muck lovers.... it'll be all gross and covered with algae by the time spring is over and summer begins.


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Despite as much as I love Primeval World, I don’t want a 2nd one. It’ll take some of the uniqueness away from the DLRR. Not to mention that if they did a Primeval World, it would be done half @$$ at best, and I would much rather have no Primeval World than a poorly executed one.
There’s already a second Primeval World at Tokyo Disneyland.


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I forget Tokyo even has a railroad since it only has one station and doesn’t encircle the park.
They have a beautiful railroad! I took this from their Mark Twain a couple years ago.

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