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I’m not getting my hopes up for anything creative. It will most likely be as “modern” and simple as possible and match the design of the new-ish sign outside of MILF. (Monsters Inc Laugh Floor does not make for a great acronym.)


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Personally I’m just expecting something like this to be overlaid onto the arch.


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It is all really quite simple. The entrance to Tomorrowland needs to be one of the most amazing and interesting things you've seen in a theme park. It is a blank canvas to do something incredible with structure, water and lighting. But we all know it won't happen.


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I actually like Tomorrowland ‘94 better than any version before it. And I don’t think it looks too dated. Improvements are welcome but going back to the original ‘71 look would be a bad idea.
It's funny because I remember when they made the '94 changes, one of the things pointed out was that by going for a vision of the "future that never was" inspired by classic Buck Rogers comics and the like, the intention was to build a look that would not need to be redone again to prevent it from looking dated.

Of course, we've come full circle. In part thanks to Jonathan Ive's aesthetic over at Apple and in part to enough time passing, the original design would now be considered retro-cool where many think the "never/forever" current look seems stale.

I think the ultimate takeaway for Disney from all of this should be that there's really is no way to avoid redoing the look/feel of this land every 20 years or so to keep with the feel of the times unless they want to just turn it into Pizza Planet Land.

I too loved '94 Tomorrowland, but it has lost everything that made it work, that made it feel like a SpacePort. No more TVs in Space Mountain, loss of Alien Encounter, dated PeopleMover and loss of Timekeeper. Now it's just a solid amount of whirs and clicks added to make things look "cool".

I would expect Space Mt to limp along until after the 50th when it will finally get a full track replacement. Hopefully they can keep spot welding the problem areas and not end up with what happened at Disneyland.

I was **really** disappointed they skipped out on the new track in the 2009 refurb. I don't want Hyperspace Mountain or anything, but a new, smoother track would be awesome.


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Might just be nothing but sonny eclipse has been absent for 2 weeks? I know the stage is just lifted into the ceiling but is he out of the new tomorrowland plans?


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im so scared if sonny is coming back or not because he's one of the things that makes me so happy. i've had multiple nightmares about them removing him and replacing him and i don't want that to become reality.

i was in tomorrowland earlier and i noticed those silver panels above stitch's great mistake are painted completely white. i hope it's just a base coat or something and they're gonna paint it in color because it looks awful. not to mention the missing entrance sign...

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