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Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion Watch


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...we came to one of the most exciting areas, where Imagineers were working on various models of new attractions. Fisher showed us a couple of models of scenes from the Frozen ride they’re building at Tokyo DisneySea. He said it will be very similar to the Frozen Ever After ride at Epcot. So much so, that it’ll be a boat ride just like Frozen Ever After, and even though Frozen Ever After is a boat ride because it is the reimagined Maelstrom ride. He told us the Frozen ride coming to Hong Kong Disneyland will be “decidedly different.”​
What I Learned:

  • The Frozen ride at Tokyo DisneySea Hong Kong will be almost identical to Frozen Ever After.
    • The Hong Kong Disneyland Tokyo Frozen ride will be different.
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Great,Thanks to attractions Magazine not clearing up the article Japan Disney Forums are freaking out regarding this matter, They really need to revise their article. Many Japanese fans now think that our Frozen is Lackluster.
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