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To the photopass crew at DHS ( 4/11 2020)

Cesar R M

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Original Poster
My thanks to John and the other photopass member at DHS today Wednesday 4 at 3:40pm in the entrance street(Hollywood Boulevard) going towards the Chinese Theatre.

Who had a lot of patience and we had a conversation even with my broken english and also helped me fulfill a request related to photos.
She and her teammate John took photos of me (I only asked for her but John happily piped in) from 2 angles while the cavalcade passed by..
Getting some goofy and nice shots of me with Fantasmic Mickey, Chip and Dale and Co in the background as they passed by.

John was around 50-60 years old. And the lady whose name I forgot was around her 30's. Both were around 1.60 cms ( I'm 1.65, deaf dude with a safari hat.. Yours truly who hilariously got confused as a photophass member in many parks the days before because of my DSLR )

If any cast member recognizes these pair. Please leave them my thanks!

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