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Tired of these people


No Refunds!
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...or if everyone's brains have indeed melted.
An effect from global warming surely. Though between this and that capture-the-cuke incident I'm starting to wonder if there's something in the water. Which, if memory serves was being sipped from EPCOT's fountains and toilets.


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I often wonder if this has always happened and there just weren't as many folks around capable of recording incidents or if everyone's brains have indeed melted.
It has definitely always happened, but people have had their brains melted as well. When Hoot and Chief did their Horizons "explorations" they made sure to stay out of sight. Really so they wouldn't get caught but I appreciate them also not "ruining" the attraction for other guests.
It is hard to pass judgment without knowing if there is an intellectual disability.
If a person has an intellectual disability then there should be a caretaker ensuring they remain seated and within their ride vehicle or if they do not have one perhaps waiting to ride an attraction until they do have someone who can help manage their disability.


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Ah, yes. Because everyone with an ID has a caretaker who can watch over them for their entire life…

What a reductive sentiment apparently shared by many. Personally, I get more upset at neurotypical people taking flash pictures on Pirates but that’s just me.

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