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Tips on How To Navigate Golden Week

DisneyFan 2000

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I thought there would be away around it but unfortunately it's unavoidable - Me and my partner will be doing TDR at the start of Golden Week (28-30th of April)

So we plan to arrive on the 28th at around noon after travelling for two weeks all over Japan. We'll be staying at the Sheraton hotel for the duration of our park days. We've been lucky enough to have visited DLP and WDW in the last two years so I reckoned a good strategy would be to skip the big rides we've already experienced. We don't plan on any table service dining in order to maximize our time exploring the parks.

The big must-dos for us are -
Monsters Inc
Roger rabbits cartoon spin
Splash mountain (was closed at WDW and I really want my partner to experience this one)
The dreamlights parade

Indiana Jones
The subs

So, having said all that - is this a realistic plan for us? Are there any tips you can share that would make this weekend more workable? Any other must do attractions I missed?

I appreciate any insight you guys can share. :)


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It will be insane. You will likely get one, maybe two fastpasses and have to wait for everything else. Tokyo’s version on Pirates and BTMR are really top
Notch attractions supieor to their American counterparts. Do not miss Jungle Cruise or HM either. Poohs HH is amazing while Monstors is a underwhelming. It’s just unique to us but not really all that amazing.

Watch the new nighttime show at Disneyland and make sure to see the daytime parade. Both are the best in the world.

Disney Sea: what can I say. One day won’t be enough but if it’s all you’ve got planned then make sure you get a FP for ToT or Journey first and then ride the other. Skip TsMM if you’ve ridden in US as it is identical. Sinbad is everything and my new favorite dark ride! Usually waits are too bad for this masterpiece. Indiana Jones is also better than Disneyland’s versions so make sure you hit it up. And then just spend time to walk around and view the park as it’s simply stunning.

Make sure to be at the park at least an hour before opening if you want to get a fast pass. Can’t stress this enough.


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It will be insane. First time I visited was during Golden Week. Just be prepared to wait for everything. Even popcorn. TOT reached 5 hour wait midday. But the crowds there couldn't be more organized and polite. Absolutely get there as early as possible, grab a fastpass and get on a ride. Also note that they do not keep the queues open until park closing. They tend to close them early if lines are too long. Take advantage of single rider lines. At Disneyland Pooh is a must. And Monsters Inc as it is unique. HM is basically the same as WDW. And jungle cruise will be in Japanese which is novel but skippable since you likely can't understand it. SEE THE PARADES!!! Day and night. They are fantastic. At TDS Journey is your main focus. Also 20,000 leagues is super unique. TOT has some incredible pre show moments. Sinbad will be easy to get on and is fantastic. Take in the beauty of that park and just explore. Just go in with those expectations and you should be fine. Should be able to achieve everything on your list with proper timing and planning. Enjoy!!!


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For both parks, be there early. I'm talking maybe 2 hours before opening. Make a plan and stick to it. For example, at TDS everyone runs to Toy Story. Since the ride is the same elsewhere and doesnt interest me, follow the hoard and go to ToT and get a FP. Then run back towards Journey and hopefully do Journey and Subs with minimal wait. Then see if you can run over to Indy and get a FP (hypothetically by this time ToT FP should be ready). Finally do ToT, maybe Raging Spirits and then Indy. Sindbad is an excellent ride typically without a wait but for Golden Week may get up to like an hour or two.

But itll be insanely busy so that's an optimistic plan. Either way you should be fine in the very beginning. Bonus if you get the 15 minute early entrance (that really helps but I don't know if Sheraton does it)


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I went the first day of the Dreaming Up parade and people were sitting and waiting 4 hours before the parade. Dont underestimate the Japanese love for all things Disney. Godspeed.

DisneyFan 2000

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Original Poster
Oh my, thanks everybody.
I'm preparing myself for an intense visit with a minimum of must-dos attractions. I know Indy and Splash have single riders so we'll probably take advantage of those as well. I really appreciate the tips, so thanks everyone! I'll be sure to update on how things went for us. :)

DisneyFan 2000

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So just got back from 2 and a half days at TDR. What can I say, I think we lucked out. Got there mid-day on the 27th (a Saturday and the first day of the Golden week extended holiday). We headed over to DisneySea. I want to say we got there by 11am. The park was moderately crowded at best. In just a few hours we managed all our must-dos (listed above) AND also packed in the Magic Lamp Theatre show, Big Band Beat - which is AMAZING, some shopping and even called it a day earlier so we could snag good seats for Fantasmic. I'm not sure if it was the lousy weather or something else, but the place was very manageable with our longest wait being a half hour for Journey.

The second day was a bit more intense. We got to the Disneyland gates at 7am to a HUGE crowd already waiting. The rush in was some of the most fun I've had at a park, the energy was infectious and you could really feel the excitement. The park opened to all guests 15 minutes earlier, I'm assuming due to crowds. We took a quick turn for Monsters, Inc fastpasses. The line for the passes alone took 15 minutes 😂. Luckily, the rest of the day turned out much better, with a whopping 13 attractions under our belt including Mansion with no wait, all the mountains (Splash with the help of single riders line), Pirates, Jungle Cruise and Peter Pan. We snagged front row seats for the night parade an hour before, and managed to get a couple of more attractions done after it was over. Our longest wait for the day was Pan with 45 minutes.

The third day was closer what I was expecting of Golden week, but at that point we were cool with just walking around, soaking it all in. We also managed to view One Man's Dream, which I have to admit was a bit disappointing after BBB. Anyway, wanted to thank everyone for the help and input. We came in expecting the worst and were pleasantly surprised. Tokyo Disney Resort was amazing and I'm very grateful we got to experience everything we wanted and then some.

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