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Tip For Discover Cardholders with a Warehouse Club Membership: Extra Savings on Disney Gift Cards Through June!


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Perhaps this has been posted already, but if not...

Discover's 5% cash back categories through the month of June include wholesale clubs. (*Note: You have to opt-in and "activate" the cash back bonus ahead of time through your online Discover account - see link below.) This includes purchases of discounted Disney gift cards from BJ's and Sam's Club, etc., so if you'd like to "stack" gift card savings with cash back bonuses, now is the time! *Note that the 5% cash back bonus is limited to $75 per quarter, however - so you can only get it for your first $1,500 of eligible purchases from April through the end of June - after you hit $75, you go back to the usual 1% cash back rate on any additional eligible purchases in the same quarter.)

The stacked discount, at least for a BJ's $500 Disney gift card (current price: $479.99, or $20 off) and Discover 5% cash back ($24), is $44, or 8.8%, so if you also have a Disney VISA, there will some venues at WDW where the 10% savings VISA offers will be slightly better than if you pay with a gift card. Still, for those places where you don't have another avenue of savings, the gift cards are better than nothing -- at least they'll save you enough to cover the tax on your purchases. ;)

P.S. Do you have Paypal? 5% Cashback bonus categories starting next month are "Paypal and restaurants" -- meaning you could start all over again from July-September and your first $1,500 of discounted Disney gift card purchases will earn 5% cash back, if you pay for them with Discover using your Paypal account. (I know BJ's accepts Paypal payments. Not sure re: Sam's Club or other warehouse retailers).
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Has anyone recently bought WDW tickets and passes from a warehouse club during promo period & qualified for the 5% bonus? I'm not talking about gift cards here - I'm referring to actual tics or passes. Looking for anyone who's already done this.

Discover's fine print says "travel services" may or may not qualify. I called discover customer service for more clarification and they said there was no way to know until AFTER I buy, because it all depends how costco, bj's and sam's club code these ticket purchases. If it just says "BJ's" it qualifies. If it says "BJs travel services" or other specialized category other than just an ordinary "BJ's Warehouse purchase", it doesn't.

They wouldn't confirm either way because they claim they have no way of knowing in advance. (I call total BS on this, because they have merchant agreements with these retailers for many years - they could easily see how past purchases like these were coded, but they won't.)

Hoping someone actually bought tics and may know.
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