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Time to plan another trip :)


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Well my wife wanted us to buy a new home so we did. Now its going on 2 years since our last visit so I am ready to start planning a new trip!! Cant wait to get back on the countdown thread.

Anyway been thinking about taking some of the kids for their last visit with us footing the bill. This past year I missed out on using Pin codes I received for free dining. Hope to see free dining pop up again for next year. I know its a toss up if they will offer free dining but what is everyone's experience with Oct dates with free dining offers?? Our last trip was in Sept and do believe they had dates this year for Free Dining.


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In our experiences, free dining was available for mid to end of October, beginning of November (excluding in and around Columbus Day weekend) Im not certain about the beginning to mid October. Best of luck in planning your Disney vacation :)
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Yea my brother had free dining first week in November 2013. We are planning on going the first week of November 2014 and hoping for the free dining as well!
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