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Time Share


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A relative has a time share that is not Disney. Turns out she can "trade" and use one of the Disney resorts (thinking Grand Floridian). When we book our week at the resort, how do we book the rest of the trip (theme park tickets, magical express)? Also, would we be able to book fast passes and dining like a normal booking thru Disney?


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Don't get your hopes up for Grand Floridian. Assuming she's talking about the RCI timeshare network, 95% of the exchanges are for Saratoga Springs. The remainder are mostly OKW with a few Animal Kingdom and Wilderness Lodges mixed in.
All exchanges are for 1-bedroom units. (They used to deposit 2-bedrooms, but it's been 4 or 5 years since they moved to 1-bedrooms)

Once you have an exchange, you'll be treated just like any other resort guest in terms of MDE, FP+ and Magical Express.

Do a thread search for RCI in the forums to find posts about my and others' experiences.



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If she is able to get a week, then RCI or whomever the swap is through, would have a RCI confirmation number, but they should then also be able to provide a Disney confirmation number which you can link to your MDE account and book everything that way.
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