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We are 4 adults, each buying their own tickets thru the MDE app, we are staying off site. I want to make sure I understand the Fast Pass and park entrance procedure. For fast pass, as long as everyone has their tickets showing on their app, and I list them as friends and family, I should be able to get fast passes for all of us at the 30 day mark? Or is there something else I need to do?

For entrance the first day, even though the ticket and barcode are on my phone app, do I still have to go to Will Call to get a plastic card for entry? Is there a way to get this done the night before at Disney Springs? We are planning on rope drop first morning, so don’t want to waste time in line at Will Call at the park. We weren’t planning on getting magic bands, but if it saves us that step of Will Call and lets go straight into the park, I will reconsider!

Thank you all, haven’t been to WDW since the 90’s.


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Yes, just enroll everyone in the group on your MDE and you can make FP reservations for them. There are some emails back and forth; you can't do it without their acknowledgement.

If you had MagicBands, you'd all be able to associate your tickets to your bands, and wouldn't need to get a card. IOW, buying MBs up front and associating them to your tickets would save you the trip to GS, but... you'd have to buy a MB since you're not staying on property. Consider it a convenience charge.

Or you can pick up your ticket media (RFID card) at any ticket booth or guest services location, in the parks or at Disney Springs.
Oh, and since everybody's getting their own tickets, I believe they'll have to pick them up themselves; just because you've got FP authority for them doesn't mean you can pick up their tickets.
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