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Discuss spoilers here out of respect for everyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled.
Isn't this thread supposed to be for spoilers? With the general thread for discussion?

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Maybe, MK has never had a singularly popular headliner on G+ like this before. Once it’s been open a while and normalizes, sure, but it’s not like someone can’t get everything you just listed above as their second ride of the day after the 2 hour cooldown right now (except on the busiest days I guess). Thunder & Mansion especially you could grab as your second ride and probably get a return time about an hour out. I think this is going to behave like Slinky on steroids in the beginning.

I’ve got a trip coming up where my last park day is the 28th. I’m going to try to grab this right at 7 am with G+ but I’m not kidding myself and figure I have maybe a 50/50 shot depending on how fast my internet connection is at the hotel that morning. I’ve already prepared my kids that we probably won’t get to ride it. I’m not even going to bother trying to get the VQ.
I’m not sure you can directly compare it to DHS. Slinky is essentially the only thrill ride built for families at DHS, let alone the only one on Genie +. At MK, you have Thunder and Space if you want family thrills. If you want boat rides, you also have Pirates, Jungle Cruise, and Small World. If you specifically want to get wet midday, then Splash/Tiana is your best bet, but that’s a very specific timeframe most will want to ride it.

I guess we will see, but the point is, MK’s attractions lineup is far more robust than the other parks. If there was ever a chance of a “new” attraction not selling out its FastPass at 7am, this would be the best bet.


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Isn't this thread supposed to be for spoilers? With the general thread for discussion?
For all other attractions I’ve done this exact same thing. I always thought it was for general discussion. Then when the real info comes out I put it behind a spoiler thread to talk about it freely.

It also keeps individuals who don’t want to be spoiled “safe” so to say. They can still engage without being actively spoiled.


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Incredible missed opportunity if it isn’t. That’s the one major thing about this ride I can’t understand. He was easily the best part of the movie.

If I had to hazard a guess I’d say no, but I hope I’m wrong.
It would be a fun Easter egg if you heard it from around the corner in that little cave (Brer Frog’s) that had the frogs at the tail end of the Splash queue.


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I know I'm not going anytime soon so I'm watching as many videos as I can.
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Hope it plays in the ride too. One of the three PatF songs I quite like.

While I love the song (although I love the whole soundtrack), I'm not sure it would be anything but and instrumental sting. I think it and "Evangeline" are the two least likely songs to make it into the ride. "Friends on the Other Side" also doesn't have a reason to be there, but it was such a big hit that I can see them finding a place to sneak it in as an Easter Egg.

But Tiana is definitely staying a human. The animals are almost assuredly just animals. In the outside chance that there does happen to be a transformation of us in the story, I can see it being a leadup to the lift. If we weren't so sure on "Dig a Little Deeper", it would be a great song for the lift from a narrative sense in that scenario. But I think it's gonna be an instrumental in the queue because it's not making it inside.

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