News Tiana's Bayou Adventure - latest details and construction progress

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I have heard there is an incredible firefly effect planned that's going to happen each time a log goes down the drop.
I'm happy to report that this did make the final cut, but is not working correctly at the moment. The entire waterfall/50-foot drop light up as well, which is a bonus from what I was expecting. It's currently not timed correctly, but I'll be sure to post a video as soon as it is. My eyes lit up seeing it and I am very happy it made the final plan.

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Every time I look at this thing, I see the Great Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock.



Now I will never be able to unsee this when looking at the Attraction’s ‘hill’….!




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I'm starting to think the drop won't be obscured as initially thought and instead the mist will be used to diffuse the lighting to create an effect similar to those of moonflower lighting or God rays. Only it'd be facing the riders up the ascent to create a "magical" light tunnel.

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Glad they saved the WDSP RnRC lighting. Maybe Mama Odie will have us magically exit the salt mound via Steven Tyler’s mouth.
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YES let's go:

You tryna appeal to the fandom with a Lin-Manuel Mirandum?

It's all about the dolla', Disney's ego gettin' taller.
From Fastpass to dead-last, the golden age is long past;
They thunder 'bout Lightning while wait times are fright'ning.
Keep hearin' of their future plans which wind up in their garbage cans.
Though $60 bil' should be enough, I know they're gonna screw it up.

We've bid farewell to Rabbit Stew, subscribed to Drew the Disney Dude.
My takeaway from all his pics? This retheme really can't be fixed.
Moss and frogs can't force-forget the previous ride's excellence.
Splash really set the bar much higher...fine, I'm a Bayou denier.

How sad that now the Disney Park has really, truly jumped the shark.
The way that they could treat this bruise? Please build the "Emperor's New Cruise..."
I better stop before I JUMP the shark. I hope the mods will forgive me; this was a very cathartic experience, and I hope it helped break up the monotony of this thread. Carry on with the discussion of queues and such.
Quite literally the greatest post ever on this entire website

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