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News Tiana’s Palace Coming to Disneyland Later this Year


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Tried a few things, as we waited roughly 30 minutes since mobile order was done by noon Saturday. Overall probably the best food we had this trip (we stayed 3 days for OBB).

Top items:
- Muffuletta sandwich - my favorite. The bread was good and olive spread was perfect complement with a surprisingly hearty amount of meat (though I do wonder how many picky eaters are aware of this). On par with the Muffaletta I’ve had in NO. We had with the Mac n Cheese which was decent, but nothing to write home about. 9/10
- Po Boy - very good but also simple. I liked the Muffuletta better. Bread was fine but was a bit hearty. Wasn’t a huge fan of the red beans and rice. 7.5/10
- 7 Greens Gumbo with chicken and sausage. Fantastic! Super flavorful. Better than the Gumbo and Blue Bayou by a mile. You do have to be a fan of white beans and collared greens (which I am), but very flavorful. 8.5/10
- Other items:
- cornbread (a tad bit dry but flavorful) - 6/10
- Ice box lemon beignet (custard was good but it’s basically a donut, not a beignet, stick with the ones next door) - 5/10

If the menu is missing something I’d recommend maybe a deconstructed Muffaletta salad or fried green tomatoes. But there’s a decent amount here. I think this will be a hit but this menu is a decent test as this definitely experiments with more Southern flavors than your typical family from Tustin, Brea, or Whittier may be accustomed to. I also hope it can maintain its standards a year or two out.
The Po'Boy has been tempting me but I'm not a fan of beans (I'd be fine with plain rice if I could get it but not sure if it's pre-mixed or not).


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Has anyone asked for substitutions?

I'm still mad that I'm no longer allowed to buy a piece of fried chicken ala carte since the pandemic closure.


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I had the beef po'boy this past Sunday and it was decent. I ordered the house beignet but the fryers ended up broken when it opened for the day. I was offered 3 options

A.) Come back in the afternoon to pick it up
B.) Sub for a 3 pack of normal beignets from the Mint Julep Bar
C.) Refund

I ended up just getting refunded for the beignet since I already had a 3 pack beignet that morning and the fact that I had other things to do in the afternoon that I wouldn't had time to go back.


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Tiana’s got nothin on my Gumbo!


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