Three ships in port today!


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Fantasy is pulling out.


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I have been on the Dream and Magic. Personally I like the smaller ship better. Less people. I thought the crew on the Magic were better than the dream, obviously that changes over time. But given the choice I would go with the smaller ship.


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I have only been on the Dream and Fantasy. What is it like on the smaller ships Magic and Wonder? Which do you prefer?
I've been on the Dream, Magic, and Wonder. The latter two are cozier but the Dream seems grander. I like to make this comparison. If you've been to WDW first, then to Disneyland, you feel like you've been there already but haven't. They both have a familiar feel. Obviously, there is less of a crowd on Castaway Cay. I dont think you can go wrong on any of the ships. We have an August 2021 cruise booked so that will have put us on all of them.....just in time for the Wish. Lets hope 2021 will be better to all of us this year.
Because of Hurricane Isaias, Wonder and Dream are on the move. Ship tracker says the Dream is headed for the Gulf of Mexico and the Wonder is following it. Fantasy is at sea headed for Europe.


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A lot of people cite that the Magic/Wonder have less people on board and are therefor less crowded, but I do not find this to be the case. The passenger count off 2700 (Magic/Wonder) vs 4000 (Dream/Fantasy) might seem big, but the Gross Tonnage rating (which does not measure weight, but size) means that the smaller ships also have a smaller passenger space ratio of 1:31.1 vs 1:32.4 for the larger vessels.

I find the older ships to feel a little cramped, personally. The lobby is rather tiny, and the elevators are also pretty tight.
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