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Thoughts on The Plaza?


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It bothers me that the only bathroom is the one outside.

I'm not a hugely concerned with germs, but when the menu consists of a lot of things you eat with your hands, and I have been in a theme park all day, I want to wash my hands, and not have to go back through the park to do it.


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Have plans to do just this on our next vacation!
On our last visit we left MK, took the boat to Wilderness Lodge, had a great lunch at Roaring Forks, then back to the MK. The boat rides are relaxing. On a side note, Roaring Forks recently added a killer meatloaf platter to their menu. It was one of those “feel good” meals.


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The Plaza is hit or miss. Comfort food basically. Their Plaza Loaded Fries are pretty close to the "long missed" Figaro Fries at Pinocchio Village Haus. Boy, do I miss those!!!

Figaro Fries were a guilty pleasure. Such junk from a food standpoint, but still so good to eat. Also was one of the best calorie/dollar ratios in WDW. Not healthy calories in any way, shape, or form. But they filled you up for a low low price.
We ate there back in December. We had about a 25 minute wait beyond our reservation time, but we were lucky to find a seat to wait (I have a walking disability and use a cane) in the “ice cream” seats. People were already saving seats for fireworks (our res was for 6:35, so this was pretty early for fireworks) and fights almost broke out.

We shared the Ruben (which was ok, nothing great) and got ice cream desserts. A little disappointed in the lack of dessert variety. We had a good server and a corner table. We were happy to be out of MK madness, but are unlikely to return.


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we thought the plaza is ok. nothing fancy. not a place we would go to every year, but every now & then. when the 50th started, they had a good monte cristo.


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It once was a spot we would eat at when all other MK choices were booked up and it served a fairly decent meal. Like many Dis spots that get altered menus, now I'd pass on it. Unfortunately they cant leave something that works alone.

Eric Graham

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The Boathouse is really good if you're into seafood at Disney Springs. They pay me 10 cents everytime I mention them =) Just kidding. We've always eaten at Columbia Harbor House for a good quick service meal at Magic Kingdom.

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