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Thoughts on Jollywood Nights?


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For some reason I was fully assuming that you could enter HS at4 PM similar to MVMCP. Just now saw that you can't enter until 7 PM with party starting at 8:30.

7 PM - 12:30 AM at roughly 180/pop (12/4 date) after taxes seems...nuts? What are your thoughts?
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Hard to form an opinion for a party that hasn't even launched yet! Like MVMCP, it feels overpriced but we'll have to wait and see.


We thought about doing Jollywood Nights and MVMCP but decided that with Jollywood's limited hours and potential for long lines, two MVMCP would be better for our family. The limited hours were the real breaking point for us.


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I think the After Hours events were around $120-$140 for 3 hours, but I can’t remember how early you could enter the park.

Reports from last year varied, the earlier dates seemed to result in lots of disappointed guests, but later dates and those from this year had more positive than negative feedback.

I guess these parties are much the same, with some extra things thrown in because they’re nearer Christmas time. I assume they’ll have similar numbers of guests.

I can see the attraction for people with limited time or who want to try something different from MVMCP.

Cowboy Steve

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We are a couple of the idiots paying to try it. Oddly enough we have tickets for 12/4 lol. I dunno... we have always enjoyed the MVMCP events, though we felt a little cheated when we attended in 2021. I guess we are hoping for a little of that magic with this event as well. It might very well be a one and done, just so we can say we did it. Kind of like eating at Space 220. Enjoyed the experience and was glad we did it once, too cost prohibitive to do it again.


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We have tickets for 12/6 so hopefully it ends up being worth it.
I honestly hate visiting HS because all of the lines are always SO LONG and my son is only 5 so he's not even tall enough for several of the rides. My hope is that since it'll be a limited event the lines won't be as long and hopefully there will be other stuff going on that people may gravitate to instead of just rides. We'll see though. 🤷‍♀️

Eric Graham

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I like the art style of the poster.
Wonderful choice of characters. Goofy rubbed my head at a character meet and greet restaurant one time. "That's assault, brother." Only kidding...Although, there were so many years of therapy after that. I believe I've recovered though! Thank goodness!


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Does any body know if you can make dining reservations before Jollywood starts and get in?
Would like to eat somewhere at 6 pm then go to the event.


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Does any body know if you can make dining reservations before Jollywood starts and get in?
Would like to eat somewhere at 6 pm then go to the event.
Guests with tickets to Jollywood Nights are not admitted into the park prior to 7 pm. Any dining reservation will need to be post 7 pm (unless you have a day ticket too.)


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It'll sell out due to it being in a different park all together and it's rare in WDW has a holiday ticketed event in another park besides MK..

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