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Trip Report This Ones for You...

It's been a while since I've done one and since I was asked nicely by a certain "magician" @Darstarr 🤫 , I will oblige her... and those who follow!!

My name's Billy and I am a WDWMagic addict.... been a member since 2003. ;)

My family and I (wife and 2 sons, 5 and 9mths), my parents and sister and her family came down in September(21st to 29th) and stayed at our DVC home, Copper Creek. We flew down from Chi-town(hey, that rhymes) on the 21st while the P's and sister's crew came down on the 22nd. They stayed at Boulder Ridge and my parents were with me at CC. Helped later in the week to have babysitters so the Mrs. and I could have an anniversary dinner...moving on.

Flew down on a Saturday because flights out of Chicago are expensive on Sundays, so the fares were good and it only cost me a small amount of DVC points for the 1 night. Southwest was the choice because we had extra bags with baby stuff and wife's hair dryer...free bags, best. ever.

Typical flight into MCO. Obligatory selfie on board...

Kaiden's (9mth) first go on a plane and he slept(we drugged him) most of the way and Liam(who never looks at the camera) was all up in his iPad.

Landed and bathroom stops completed. I denied my wife Starbucks in the main concourse, so we had to stop just before MDE lines. Made for a more pleasant ride with her, if you know what I mean...

We waited "forever" on the bus but made it to Copper Creek in no time. First stop is always a great treat. Got the room ready hi-sign and headed directly to our home for the night...


Deluxe studio was adequate for the one night, as we settled in and hit Roaring Fork for a bite to eat. Tried Mobile ordering for the first time and it was the stuff...helped us a lot over the week. Easier to ask your kids what they want to eat that way instead of doing it in a line, holding it up...

Got mugs and a few little things from the groceries area in the shop and hit the pool for a bit....

Going to get some more pictures of the day up but they are on the Mrs. phone....see you back here soon!!

Good start, @Darstarr?


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Soooo..Merry Christmas everyone!!

After meeting with old #95, we headed over to Hollywood and Vine for our early dinner ADR. It was Minnie's Halloween Dine so everyone was dressed up and we loved the food last year, had to do it again with the rest of the gang. Before we could hit the buffet, everyone was hitting the table!!




Liam started to sing Old Town Road, cause Goof was dressed as a...

Kaiden loved Daisy....



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After dinner, we has the rest of the night to hit some additional rides and meet some characters...

Liam wanted to show BB8 his BB6....

Lots of bloops, lots of bleeps, some sweeps and some creeps during this visit... No habla Droid...


Then we got a quick visit in on the dark side of town....


Note to Disney....Black background, black suit and mask, do not a good picture make. Thanks for listening...

Kaiden didn't take his eyes off Vader, and Liam's shirt was well appreciated by the Sith Lord...

Headed back over to TSL, to hit the trifecta again. FP for Midway Mania and then waited and did riderswap for Slinky..

Heather and Liam hit Saucers too...



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Understandable. Every time strangers try to take food off my plate these days, I smack their hands and tell them that only @Billy6 is allowed to do such a thing.

Agreed. Next chance for that to occur is in March. My son and I are coming down for a few days on his Spring Break. Chef Mickeys on the docket. 😊


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Working on something around there. It will be my Dad’s 95th bday and X has a game near Orlando....I will let you know 👍
Sweet...! There's an After Hours on the 30th that we may go to as we get in that afternoon... Lemme know and I'll share the plan!


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The day was rounded out by walking through Batuu at night and checking out the Bazaar a little more...Tried to milk the last of the day before heading to the bus and calling it a night...

We had an awesome time this day and really got to enjoy the whole park...

Friday was lazy day around the resort with dinner for me and Heather planned later on that evening...

Breakfast and then down by the pool...


Kaiden was pretty exhausted and Liam continued his streak on the waterslide... He settled for 200000 times and decided to play some games with the other kids and the Cast Members...He came in second place on this game!


Heather and I had reservation at Citricos for dinner. Our anniversary was the week before we left so we had to have a dinner here too...

I know I'm lame but I didn't take any pictures of the food...but I did grab a few of the desserts.

Shrimp pasta dish and Arancini for appetizers and I had the Filet and Heather the chicken. All excellent, all gone... 🥩🍗


We had asked the server what he had brought the table next to us because it looked awesome, so he described it and we were sold...

Both please!!!

A stroll around GF and a nice trip on the Monorail back to CR... what a great date night!!



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Ok...gonna finish up here as Saturday was pool and pack day...Boooo!!

After all of that we planned on heading over to Disney Springs for lunch and then back to watch HEA one more time from Top of the World...

Arrived at DS and headed to D'Luxe for the first time....I loved the burger I had but the fries were dry and got cold right away, even a new batch tasted the same...Oh well...

This was our chariot...

Liam had to turn the wheel...


We then hit WOD for a shopping spree and Lego store for Liam...He played with the Lego race cars for a while and won a few races...


We hit all of the customary shops and then over to the Coke Store for a Coke Icee...

Heather wanted to grab a shirt in D-style so Liam grabbed a quick photo on the tea cup!


Fun afternoon at Disney Springs...

Headed home and finished packing and headed over to Contemporary for dinner, just a quick one at Contempo Cafe.

Boat ride over..


Liam needed a picture on the boats he "drove" last summer...


After dinner we went to Top of the World and had a great view front row for HEA.

Headed back to CC and hung around the resort, had a few drinks and a quick night swim then headed to bed...

Travel day was pretty uneventful on Sunday and has some time before departing to grab breakfast and shop in the Mercantile.

As we were leaving, a DVC CM asked us a monumental question, "Are you folks leaving"...I replied "yes we are"...and he asked "WHY"?

I stood there delightfully puzzled and had no answer for him....Why would we leave? Why would anyone leave? I certainly didn't want to...

A question for the ages...

So that's it kids, I appreciate all of the views and likes...I was happy to share it. Liam and I will be going end of March for a few days...I will be sure to take some more photos and share that with you as well...

Now I can get back to reading @Darstarr 's report!!! 😁

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