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Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks opening Dec 12 at Animal Kingdom


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Saw this on another site. It says it's outside Everest and I'm assuming it's the old Fastpass area but that looked like it had quite a bit of construction left to be opening that soon.


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Saw a photo update at Orlando parks news. They do work pretty fast in spite of how we all perceive it. ;) Will be anxious to try all the new offerings!


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other then the Picture of the sign, cant believe there isn't any other pictures of the construction. especially with opening date only weeks away?

Chef Kronk

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Here's another couple of photos I found. In the 2nd picture you can see a little bit of what it'll look like, but it's very hidden.



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You're right, but since I'm subdividing the park, Africa and Asia as themed lands include very good attraction lineups and incredible theming. I've argued that Africa is a better themed land than Diagon Alley.

I see what you mean...yes it can probably qualifiy as being the best "theme" park (although you can't beat the charming simplicity and history of the original DL) without being the best theme park, sans apostrophes.


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Is that the building that had "To be completed next year" or something of that nature written on the side?

No, it's the former FastPass location outside Everest. The "under construction hotel" you're thinking of are the bathrooms down the walkway.



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Call me shallow, but you can't ignore that it's still a little slight on attraction offerings.

I love DAK but tend to agree. Once Pandora opens, though, I think it will be very close and really just needs a couple of C-tickets to fill out the roster. Or a major daytime parade/show. I'm a little disappointed that with all the improvements they are making with the park -- which I totally love BTW -- that they couldn't find some money to add a smallish dark ride or two somewhere.

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