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Trip Report Third time’s the charm- Sorta kinda live

We’re going back! Hey everyone it’s me, the Loco. Like many of us here in our little community, I missed out on a few Disney trips thanks to the pandemic. We originally had plans for a west coast trip back I the summer of 2020, but that clearly was a no go. We had a backup plan of visiting WDW in September, but a change of jobs for me forced us to cancel that since I wouldn’t have any available leave time(I started the new job in august). That leads us to now, trip number three, and we are a go! Our last trip was February of 2020 just before the world went bananas, but that seems like decades ago at this point!
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So Let’s do this! I’ll get the intros and details out of the way.

Who: Those of you who have read any of my older reports know it will be me and the wife. She’s the good looking one in the picture below, which would make me the slightly inebriated one.

Anyone remember the throwback TR we did last year featuring Molli and Chris getting engaged?

Four nights here

Followed by three nights here

Wait, not there. I mean the real wilderness lodge! Copper creek villas to be exact.

When: Approximately 48 hours from right now. Am I ready? Of course not. Being the man, I’m contractually obligated to wait until the last second to pack, and to forget something super important!
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We are excited to get back “home”, even with the restrictions and missing entertainment. I have to admit that it’s been nice not having to plan quite as much. I just made park passes and a few dining reservations and that was that. I’m in the camp that believes fast pass actually inflated wait times for most attractions, and I am not particularly sad to see it go.

We’ll be driving down since we planned this trip before vaccines were widely available and we were still a little on the fence about flying. I feel more comfortable with it now, but prices have skyrocketed, so I’ll just stick with the road trip.
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Will I be putting the loco in Loco_Driver by doing the entire trip in one day? Even I don’t know the answer to that yet. Check back Friday!
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Will I partake in mine and @Tuvalu beloved WCC burnt ends nachos, or a No Way Jose?
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Will any fellow magicians be making appearances?
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So with all that out of the way, let’s goooo!
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Present as well!!!!
I’ll mark you down!
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I looked and first thought....is that Fort Wilderness? Must be Wilderness lodge...but....why is there a Wyoming flag flying on top of the Wilderness lodge? Then I finally realized why it didn't look quite right. Duh!
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I'm awake now. You may now continue with the regularly scheduled TR.
Haha I thought you and some of the national parks fans here might enjoy that!
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