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Trip Report There are still good people in the world- Thank you to an awesome Disney guest!

This is not your usual trip report, just a little run down of our trip.

Just back today from the World after an amazing week. The trip was just MAGICAL! I got to see my most favorite place through my god-daughters eyes and it couldn't have been more perfect. It was me, my best friend and her child. Stayed at POR Royal Guest Room... we had a great location in building 90, overlooking the fountain and Sassagoula River. The room was awesome! We loved it and my niece was just in awe of every little detail in the room. She fell in love with the fountain right outside our room and it became her spot each time we sat outside. The nightly movies were played right outside our room, which was nice. We did NOT have a fridge, but that was okay.

I just wanted to share our little mishap of the trip. On Sunday we were in Animal Kingdom. We got on Everest, got off and went to a restroom when my friend realized she had left her wristlet in the pouch on the ride... this pretty much had her LIFE in it- cards, license, cash, brand new camera, phone, her daughters social security card. She picked up her book bag and forgot to grab the wristlet out of the pouch. We ran back to the exit to see if anyone had found it and we stayed while they checked all 5 running trains and nothing. The one time she didn't keep it in her book bag, she forgot it. I felt horrible for her. This was her child's first trip and she had already taken over 300 photos by this point. All of her money was gone. We went to guest relations to fill out a Lost & Found report while she did a temporary closure of her credit cards and such. It just really put a damper on the day after that but we had Hoop Dee Doo that evening and it ended up being a fun night at the Magic Kingdom after with our friends who were also there at the same time. I lent her some cash to get her through the next 2 days and made sure she would be able to get on the plane without ID.

I had never lost anything of mine in the parks, let alone to this extent so I was really unsure of where to go and what to do, but the CM's were very helpful. So after all of the parks close, everything that was lost & found goes to a central location at the Transportation and Ticket Center and you cannot call until the next day. So we waited until after our Crystal Palace breakfast yesterday morning to call and see if anyone turned it in. In the back of our minds we just didn't want to get our hopes up and thought she'd never get her things back. The lady on the phone checked the back and sure enough, someone had turned it in. We were in MK so we quickly hopped on the monorail to TTC and picked it up. Everything was there, even every dollar that was in there. I wish we could have known who it was that turned it in because this really lifted a huge weight off of her shoulders. There really are good people in the world, and had we not been in Disney, I don't know if she would have been that lucky to get everything back.

Thank you park guest at AK on Sunday 11/10 who did this! I know I will never know who it was but it was GREATLY appreciated and all 3 of us were literally jumping up and down outside of POTC yesterday when we got the news that everything was returned. I just had to share this story with all of you.

Overall our trip was great and the Magic Bands were AMAZING!! So much easier when going in and out and on the FP rides, not having to dig for cards. We had no problems all week. I am going through the Disney Blues right now. I miss our Disney Sleepovers in the room with my niece and waking her up each morning to go to our next park. I cannot wait to go back and I would definitely look forward to using the Bands again without a doubt. The CM's on this trip were really awesome and my friend (who doesn't go to Disney ever) even said how nice they all were.

The food on this trip was excellent. We dined at Teppan Edo, Ohana, Chef Mickey's, Crystal Palace and Hoop Dee Doo Review. We loved each one. I probably won't eat too much for a while but it was well worth it! :D


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Sounds like you had an amazing trip! So glad your lost items were found, there are some truly wonderful people in this world.

It was an amazing trip from start to finish. We celebrated my nieces birthday and it was her first trip. She is 7 years old and goes on EVERYTHING, she has no fear when it comes to rides. Can't say I was that brave as a kid but it made the trip even more fun. She was such a angel the whole week.

Thursday was our first full day so we did MK for extra morning magic hours. As soon as we entered the park and walked through the train station, a nice CM driving one of the "old time" vehicles came up to us and asked if the "Princess" would like a ride to the castle! This was the perfect way to introduce her for the very first time to Magic Kingdom. it was so magical, I was like a little kid. He drove us around Town Square, up Main Street and stopped in front of the castle and took pictures for us. It was truly something we won't forget and she keeps talking about it.He even let her choose a pin off of his lanyard, it was so cute! I tear up just thinking about to that whole day and the whole week.




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Cesar R M

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I think Walt Disney Experience can sometimes get the best of people out.
Specially despite the nationality and customs difference.. I didnt see rude people at all.


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Glad you had a great time. I didn't see you despite being in POR! And being in MK last Thursday! Glad you got all your lost items back. Like you say "only in Disney" would you get everything back. Shame the whole world isn't the same.


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So happy to hear that her things were returned. Stories like this kind of restore some of my faith in humanity :) Love seeing the MK pics with the park decked out for the holidays...just makes MK even more magical!

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