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Theme Music question-Anyone ever know a musician from the orchestra?


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I am in my Disney "head" as I prepare for my trip in 9 days and am listening to the theme music for the parks. I was wondering if anyone ever personally knew or even was (!) an orchestra member from the theme music that is played in the parks?

Can you imagine knowing that you contributed to something so important that millions love listening to it so much that they want to take home the magic/music with them on cd's and listen to on podcasts and youtube? I would think it would be incredible to know your tuba or flute, et cetera contributed to so much happiness.

I know music has been talked about ad nausem here so excuse me if I am getting excited. :)


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The person that heads the orchestra that did the music for one of the incarnations of The Main Street Loop lives in my town. He actually lives on the same road as a co-worker of mine. He has done some concerts at a "Music in the Park" series during the summers. I loved it when I found out he lives here. I have never talked to him, but have often seen him around town.

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