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Theatre tours for 10yo


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DD10 is obsessed with performing arts and musicals, to the point I have had to hear about her plans for her to attend the performing arts college in Indiana for going on 3 years now. She's gotten to be involved with our community theater for the past year so she can see how involved and how much work goes into any production, and now wants to see "what Disney does". Are there any special times of the year Disney does backstage tours of the performance theaters for kids her age? The closest I can find is the Backstage Magic which she is too young for, I'm assuming to keep it magical, so VIP I don't know if they would even allow her to say tour backstage at Beauty and the Beast type things.


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I dont know of any tours offered that might get you what you are looking for. I do know many CM's will go above and beyond sometimes giving some magic to guests. Maybe if you talk to a CM after a show lets out and explain what you are looking for they could convince a performer to talk to your daughter if they have time and who knows what else could be done. But Dis is very cautious about where, when and how guests are allowed backstage.
Make sure you fit in the time to see both Nemo & FoTLK at AK. She will enjoy both.
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