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The year I don't go to Disney - Las Vegas edition


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What a fun 50th birthday trip you had. Thanks so much for sharing.

I’ve really missed my holidays this year. We normally have 2 weeks in Disney, 1 week sitting by a pool somewhere in Spain and then for a few years we were doing Vegas every year (last time Nov 2019 before this pandemic started).

I’m really hoping life gets back to some kind of normality soon so I can get my holidays back. If there are any positives I’ve saved a fortune this year not having any so that’s more money to spend on more holidays when it’s safe to do so.


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What are tagalongs? The only thing I know of as a tagalong are girl scout cookies. But I didn't see anything with Stitch.....I don't know what Porg is.

Stitch and Porg (Star Wars thing) “tagged along” (aka tagalong) on @Rista1313 ’s non-Disney trip. 😉

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