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The Writer's Stop to remain open for a limited time with new menu and merchandise


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I'll bet someone suddenly realized that many people waiting for tables at Sci-Fi typically do so in the Writer's Stop, and that closing it would mean limited indoor waiting areas for those Guests.

I presume once they figure that issue out, Writer's Stop will close. (My bets are on them taking over the corner of ABC Commissary closest to Sci-Fi, removing some of the tables and putting in benches)



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Upon my most recent this past week to WDW I heard from two different cast members that The Writer's Stop was closing in September.

Two cast members in the store last week offered the information.
One cast member at the neighboring Sci-Fi Restaurant confirmed.
She said, "You can use The Writer's Stop as our lounge"
I said, "Until it closes in September."
She replied, "Wow, news travels fast."

So get your AWESOME carrot cake cookies while they last.

If this topic exists already I have no clue. I did a search and didn't see it, so do whatever you want with this post.

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