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The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary


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18 hours, 27 attractions and 1 firework show later in on monorail gold heading back to Universal and the nightmares of HHN. Had a great time, did some attractions I had never done and even found one of the polo shirts I was looking for. Goodnight all!

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Finally back in my room after today's excitement at Magic Kingdom.
Park was open until 11pm, but of course Main Street stayed open until midnight.
People didn't want to leave tonight.
They are still there now...!

Park cleared out nicely after 'Enchantment'.
The throng on Main Street today starting at about 6pm was slightly chaotic.
Cast sure had their hands full....as did Custodial as the hub was 'trashed' post-show.
Wow..haven't seen it that full of trash in a long, long time.
But everyone within a 1500 mile radius was there for the fireworks showing.

I decided to stay away from Main Street, and spent much of my evening in the back of the Park in either Adventueland, Frontierland, or Tomorroland.
Just too crazy and crowded on Main Street.
Anyone concerned about thousands of people squished together in a tight area with no masks should rethink things.
Another reason I stayed away...and watched from the sidelines in Town Square.
Show didn't do anything for me, but to be fair I wasn't able to see the Castle or low firing pyro.
So I can't really give a accurate review since I didn't get a decent viewing spot.
Projections were a novelty and added some color, but nothing stood out for me.
Mixed feelings on this one....but I'll wait until later on this visit when I get to see it from a better position.

Gotta give a shout out to whichever Cast Member or Guest that turned in my coveted straw 'jungle' hat earlier today.
I accidentally set it down somewhere ( thinking Carousel of Progress ) and was sad when I realized I didn't have it.
Immediately went over to City Hall hoping someone might have turned it in ( it is a rather unusual hat...) but had doubts since it had some cool Trading Pins on it.
I was delighted when the CM went out back and came out to surprise me with it!
Such a relief...and I was very thankful.

More to say at a later time..
I'm dead tired after today's adventures, mayhem, and walking .....
Need sleep...zzzzzz......


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Want. Didn’t find

All four of those items pictured that you are looking for are located at the Main Street Cinema, where the 'Vault Collection' is being displayed.

Both shirts, and the 1970s walk around character' 50th Anniversary designed plush.

I was just in the Cinema about an hour and a half ago and they still had both shirts.
Plenty, too
Minnie plush was availible, but no Mickey.



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I was due to go to both San Diego and Disneyland next month, to coincide with the start of Viva Navidad. Unfortunately, since my parents are like mama and papa bears and with all that's happening I've decided to do 4-days, 3-nights in Atlanta instead.

Huh. I've never imagined anyone coming here (Atlanta) as a tourist -- what are you even planning to do?
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I don't know how true this is but I heard that some guy grabbed a tumbler from a child in the Emporium, then the parent punched the first guy in the face and there was allegedly blood involved. 😬
Any reports on guests getting banned or arrested?


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LOL. Ticket has long been paid for. If it means anything, this is not a park commando day for me. I have a Boma breakfast and MAY hop into Epcot or could just take a nap. It’s my last hurrah before driving home Wed.
So this isn’t the part where I point out you paid a 25% surcharge to avoid the crowds during the day when the crowds aren’t there during the day?

…”I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley”

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