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The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary


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Can't look and see what's posted above, so I'll just add my observations from this morning -

Arrived at MK and picked up a couple of the really NICE commemorative guide maps.
Exclusive for today only, and WOW are these are classy looking!
Each Guest is handed one upon entering.
New general Guide Maps are also availible, with the 'Beacons of Light' concept art Castle on the cover....if you can find them.

Long lines for merch.
Just did a quick walk by.
Had to head over to the Polynesian for breakfast, so will be back soon.

Had official confirmation from one of the Park Managers that no one should be worried about not being allowed back into MK if you have a Park Reservation.
We have already discussed this here weeks ago, but for those still nervous.....don't be.
We will al be able to return to the MK at any time.

Park Hoppers however.....not sure about ya'all.

Speaking of leaving -
Guests exiting the Park are given a nice anniversary mini poster.
Get em' while you can, kids!
Wish I could post photos here.....

Currently at the Polynesian Resort., and a CM is strolling around the lobby area playing her ukulele and wishing everyone a happy 50th.
Man....why is this getting me emotional....?

Maybe you get all teary eyed when you think of a company who’s only care is separating you from every last $$ you have?

You could see how hard it was for Cheapek to even say the word “guest” last night.

He doesn’t even see us as humans, just walking credit cards.


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Posted wait time for Splash is 15 min. Is everyone in line for merchandise? This is crazy.
The wait times at the other parks, especially DAK, make it look like a ghost town, I’m actually kind of curious to see a report from people around the rest of WDW. @Figments Friend’s talking about the Poly was fun to see.


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Stuck on Splash before drop into Laughin’ Place. Nuthin! Happn. Could be an evac situation. We’ll see…. You think hearing IASW over and over is bad? Try Laughing Place.

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If we're sitting here 6 months from now and Festival of Fantasy still isn't back, I'll agree with you. I'm getting impatient too, but I'm still hanging on to the benefit of the doubt that there are legitimate reasons for the continued COVID reopening delays.

It does seem odd that Orlando parks have been open over a year now, no parade… Disneyland has been open what - 5 months - and already has one back.


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First look at the new 50th Anniversary Mickey's Celebration Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom​

@wdwmagic that is a fantastic picture! Always such high caliber images.

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It would have been more than this I have to believe!

OK I get it. These Boards are NOT haviing a Good Day I'm Out!!!

I’m sorry. I’m normally more positive. I’m just flooded with memories of Disneyland’s 50th and how special it was.

I don’t want to cloud today.

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