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The "Wonders of Life" is Dead


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Hello all,

With the announcement from Bob Chapek with plans to make Epcot more "Disney" and "family friendly." What IP do you think will be coming to WOL? For the record I'm happy that they're investing money in Epcot, while disappointed in how they're tying in the Guardians of the Galaxy with Epcot. I'm going to wait until it opens to have an opinion. Something is coming to WOL as @marni1971 has said. I'm excited for future investments into EPCOT, and seeing what you guys think will come to the "Wonders of Life."

As more updates come out on the future of WOL, I will keep updating the main page. Btw I never got to experience the WOL, I'm 16 and never made it unfortunately.

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Folks were hypothesizing that the new 'Space' themed table service was going to be in the WOL dome... I though that was absurd but I have no clue where the restaurant would acually go...


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Looking back at the new concept art. Wonders of Life is very visible between Mission Space and the new Guardians ride. Could they be repurposing the building for the new space themed restaurant?

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