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Pre-Trip The we booked a bounceback, and a cruise and rented DVC points PTR

Hi everyone! Our trip is fast approaching and we are so excited! This trip will be just my
Husband and myself!

Who are we? Well, I am Laura, this will be my 6th trip to disney. My husband, it will be his third! He had never been to disney until 2012, when we went for our first trip together! Well on that trip he proposed, so we returned in 2013 for our honeymoon and now we may as well continue a tradition and to for our first anniversary!

We booked a bounceback on our honeymoon for this September, for free dining. Initially we were books for 10 days at port orleans, well upon returning home we began to toss around the idea of a cruise, so we made some changes and added 3 nights on the disney dream...well now we needed a hotel for the night before the cruise, so I priced out he cost of renting dvc points at AKL since we have always wanted to stay there, so may as well make it 2 nights there to enjoy the resort! So now our plans look like:

September 16th-18th; Animal Kingdom Lodge
September 18-21; Disney Dream!
September 21-27; Port Orleans: French Quarter

Cruise Excursions:
-Atlantis Aquaventure

Planet Hollywood (pre-cruise), followed by Gharadelli for dessert
Boma breakfast (cruise day breakfast!)
---both new to us----
Liberty Tree Tavern lunch
Tusker House Breakfast
Tapen Edo dinner
Ohana dinner
Boma dinner
Trex dinner

Hopefully Be Our Guest Lunch ADR

Special Events:
Mickeys Not So Scary Haloween Party; September 21
Wishes Dessert Party; September 22


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September 16th- depart halifax, Nova Scotia at 6:00am, connect in Montreal and arrive in Orlando at 11:50am! we don't usually fly Air Canada, but it was the earliest arrival time, and the prices were very comparable with all other airlines. We will then take the DME to the AKL where we have rented DVC points from the DVC rental store. We plan to explore, then goto Planet Hollywood for dinner

September 17th- we had initially planned to rent a car and go shopping, but we have since decided to enjoy the resort! We have no dining plans booked, jut a go with the flow day!

September 18- breakfast at Boma, then use disney transportation to the cruise terminal!

September 19- Nassau day, we plan to book atlantis Aquaventure

September 20- castaway cay

September 21- disembark, use disneys transportation to POFQ. lunch reservations at LTT. Have a quiet afternoon at our resort, before the haloween party!

September 22- 9:00am reservation at Tusker House, day at AK, wishes dessert arty that evening

September 23- Epcot! 6:00pm reservations at trex, may make this later since we will be snacking a lot on food and wine goodies!

September 24- water park! Still undecided, we did typhoon lagoon last year, so we are unsure if we want to try blizzard beach or stick to typhoon! Dinner at Ohana, monorail to Epcot for EMH.

September 25- Hollywood studios, dinner at Tapen Edo

September 26- magic kingdom, hope to have lunch ADR at bog, dinner at boma

September 27- morning EMH at Hollywood studios. 5pm flight home :(


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Great plan! We too are heading down the same time for the same thing. We'll be at the World 13th-18th and Dream it up from the 18th-21st for our 16th anniversary.


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Great plan! We too are heading down the same time for the same thing. We'll be at the World 13th-18th and Dream it up from the 18th-21st for our 16th anniversary.
It's a great time to go :) incase you didn't know there is a facebook group for our cruise dates, people are planning fish extenders (we are not participating) and their excursions and mixology class if you want to check it out, "disney dream September 18-22"!


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Just booked our fastpass+! There met be a glitch today, because we are 61 days out and it let us select them all for the 21-27! We got everything we wanted :)


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Wow, the trip is fast approaching, just under 3 weeks to go.... and my husband asks if we can goto the Flying Fish (ive been asking for months if there is anything he wanted to do, and he would reply 'no no you just pick'".. )
We dined at Flying fish on our last trip, and we loved it, the meal went above and beyond our expectations...So on the dining plan to do this we needed to cancel two reservations, as its two credits.

I also am going back to school in September, for Social Work, and it is all done via distance delivery, and I finally found out that I would be required to be online for 2 hours, smack in the middle of our trex reservation.. so changes there will be needed as well.. so with some cancellations and re bookings (we were very lucky to get everything we still (now) wanted)! I also like the idea of having a day without dining reservations, gives us a more relaxed day!

New dining plans:
16th (arrival day)- Trex dinner
17th - No dining plans
18th-Boma breakfast
19,20---Disney cruise
21- LTT lunch
22-Tusker hour breakfast
23-Tapen Edo Lunch
24-No dining plans
25-50's prime time late lunch
26-Flying Fish Dinner
27-No plan (departure day )


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Hi everyone! this will be my last update until we return!
Our costumes are completed for the haloween party, our dining plans are finalized ...however I am WAY behind in packing!
Today will be some last minute homework assignments (I was determined not to have any work while away and so far it looks good! just some readings and I have to log on for one class).. Hubby will arrive home tomorrow morning from work (he works across the country) and we will leave bright and early Tuesday morning!
I will post a TR when we return!


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WOW :D some really great ADR's you have chosen for your trip. Have a MAGICAL time on the cruise and in the parks. Take lots of pictures and have fun. Will be watching for the trip report.


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We are back from a truly amazing vacation!! I will post a trip report soon! Lets just say we are hooked on cruising now, and the DVC studio we rented
at Animal Kingdom lodge was spectacular!


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I'm so hoping to start a trip report soon! But with being a full time student and working things have been a little hectic since we returned! However, we loved our cruise so much we booked another for January 2015! A 4 night on the dream and rented dvc points for 2 nights prior at Saratoga spring, it ended up only being 60$ more then a LM room at AOA!

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