Trip Report The Two Goofs Holiday Special!- Now with February updates!


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Hello again my friends. We’ve just returned from our short, action packed, trip to the world. We had the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny fu- oh wait, wrong thread! Anyways we had a great trip!

When: December 6-9

Where: Grand Floridian

Why: Because we wanted to, and we were celebrating six years of wedded bliss!

Who: Myself and my wife, A.

Featuring appearances by Bucky the popcorn bucket, The Orange Bird backpack, Chewbacca, Scrooge McDuck, Whoopi Goldberg, Creepy dancing reindeer, Sant Claus, @Nunu, and many more!

So just sit back, relax, and maybe try to stay warm if it’s -4 degrees outside(looking at you @ajrwdwgirl!).

Travel Day/ Day 1. December 5-6.

I had been working nights all week and A works during the day, so we didn’t get to spend any time together this entire week. This isn’t unusual for us, but it did make packing a bit tricky, as we had trouble keeping up with what was in which suitcase. Also being a man, I didn’t actually pack my suitcase until about an hour before we hit the road!

We handled a few errands at home and were westbound on the interstate by about 6:30 that evening.

Our usual rest stop on the way to Dallas. Anyone who’s ever visited one will know why, it’s like the Disney World of gas stations! 🤣 It’s hard to tell from this photo, but that store is around 60,000 square feet of pristine clean awesomeness! It has 84 gas pumps and over 70 restroom stalls!

Anyways, we arrived at our good friends’ place on the outskirts of Dallas at around 8:30. We were sleeping here for the night to avoid leaving our house in the middle of the night,or paying for a hotel near the airport. We quickly went to bed for a few hours rest, and were up and ready to head to the airport around 4 the next morning.

We got dropped off at the airport around 430 for our 6 am flight. Normally this would leave plenty of time for a nap in the terminal, but for some reason security at Love field this day was SLOW! First they stopped the line to bring in the dog, but then when the dog arrived, they only let people through 2 at a time. We ended up being in line for nearly an hour. Fortunately we still had time to grab a bite at whataburger for breakfast, and catch a small nap at the gate.

Our plane boarded on time, and we were in the air a little ahead of schedule. We had the smoothest, fastest flight we’ve ever had to Orlando. With a strong tailwind, the flight tracker showed ground speeds of nearly 700 mph! We were at the gate an hour and 40 minutes after takeoff. Our chief flight attendant was the absolute best we’ve ever seen. He was a huge Disney nut and was super pumped to be working the Orlando flight(he even wore his ears), his safety spiel was hilarious, and as we taxied the runway at MCO he played a little Disney trivia with everyone. When he gave his farewell message, people were literally screaming and cheering for him!

This was painfully accurate today, but we didn’t mind too much!

We were the last stop on the magical express, but we finally made it to the grand a little before 11 AM!

The lobby is absolutely beautiful this time of the year!

The gingerbread house is really incredible to see! This was my favorite of all the special lobby decorations that we saw!

We grabbed a snack and headed outside to enjoy it.


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First! :joyfull:
And so happy to be here!
So happy to have you here my dear friend!

2nd! Wow! Usually I am running behind! Looking forward to this!
Glad to have you following along, glad you got here early!

Welcome! Thanks for following!

5th! Looking forward to hearing the adventures of Bucky! (and the goofs!)
Thanks for following along, hope you enjoy!Bucky shall be making an appearance later!


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I’ll try not to disappoint!

Top 10??? I've never been in the top 25 before!

Looking forward to your report!
Thanks for following along, and congrats on being in the top 10!

I made the top 10! Looking forward to your adventures.
Thanks for following along! Also, bonus points for using a vanellope GIF!

Following and can't wait to read about your holiday fun!
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!



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Yay! Glad to have you!

Here again! Can't wait to hear of your Anniversary trip, and Happy Anniversary by the way:)
(only 45 more years to catch up with us! yep, I'm that old or a child bride, LOL)
Thanks for reading, and for the anniversary wishes. Here’s hoping we can make it as long as you guys have!


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Friday December 6 continued.

We got a cake pop and some Mickey fudge from the gingerbread house.
The cake pop was huge, like the size of a tennis ball! Also it was super dense, really good.

This fudge was amazing! I’m not usually a huge fudge fan(it’s too rich usually) but this was so good! It wasn’t too rich, and just melted in your mouth. We both agreed this was better of the two items we tried.

We headed back through the lobby towards the bus stop. There was a bride taking pictures for her undoubtedly very expensive wedding!
The reception was taking place behind the main lobby.

we continued on to the bus stop, and a DHS bus arrived shortly after. Bag check took a while, but eventually we made it through.
Notice all the signs in front of the entrance. They’re all stating that boarding groups for rise of the resistance were all gone. They were long gone before our plane even landed!

Crowds were surprisingly light this day. I guess everyone left once they found out they couldn’t ride the new ride!

We didn’t have any immediate plans, so we checked out the decorations around echo lake for a little bit.
The weather was perfect that day!

There was an Indiana Jones show starting soon, with plenty of seats available. We decided to watch it since we were right there already.
We haven’t watched this show since 2015. I still found it pretty entertaining. Maybe I’ll be able to catch another show in 4 years!


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Here and following...!!! :)

And... OH. MY. GOSH. Buc-ee’s...!!!!!!! :joyfull:
We frequent the one in New Braunfels on road trips between Austin and San Antone, as well as the one in Tomball on road trips between Austin and Spring...the one in New Braunfels is the largest, so far, and I’ve included a pic of the Buc-ee’s swim trunks I purchased this past summer...!!!!! :hilarious::happy:


Buc-ee’s is indeed the WDW of gas stations/convenience stores...!!!!!!! :joyfull:

And, on a side note...
The architectural firm I work for here in Austin is in the intermediate stages of preparing construction documents for the Aplin Ranch, and I was heavily involved in the design phase. It’s a ranch in the Central Texas Hill Country for Arch “Beaver” Aplin, whom the Buc-ee’s mascot was imagined from, and is a co-owner...!!! :)
Sorry for the slight thread hijack, but, we too love us some Buc-ee’s here as well...!!!!! :happy:

Lookin’ forward to more...!!! :)
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