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The things kids say at Walt Disney World


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Thought it might be fun to share some of the funny things the little ones say at Walt Disney World.

I'll start with my 3 year old approaching Spaceship Earth... "Is that the Death Star?"

On-boarding Spaceship Earth..."Is Yoda in here?"

On-riding Spaceship Earth..."Where are the storm troopers?!?"


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We were watching a magician at Boardwalk once. He was taking his time doing some kind of card trick... aka nothing flashy or impressive to a kid’a eye... and one kid blurted out, “I want to see REAL magic!”

Ah, the age of innocence and truthfulness.


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We took our daughter for her 6th bday back in 2009 ( I strongly feel like that was one of the last good years before fastpass+, CRAZY crowds, and special ticketed events eating into the park time...but I digress). We had been up since our ADR at grand floridian (the breakfast with mary poppins and mad hatter etc). We were the first dining group so whatever time that was. The park was open until 1am. We rode A MILLION RIDES. It was incredible. Saw the fireworks and got ready to leave (park was closing). I wanted one more pic in front of the castle and this exhausted 6 yr old looks up at me and says "Ive had enough magic for one day. Can we go home now?". It was so innocent. She knew that it was magical there and she was ready to throw in the towel. Enough magic for her. I still remember how tired she looked but how she had SO MUCH FUN that whole day. Not one complaint, tantrum...nothing. Perfect day.


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Not so much in the parks, but I'm trying to get my 2 year old excited about our upcoming trip and this is how our conversation went:
*Disney Commercial Comes on TV*
Me: Liam, are you excited to go to Disney World for your birthday?
Liam: NO! I don't wanna go to Dimney World.
Me: What?! Why not?!
Liam: No! I stay with mommy for Liam's birthday.
Me: You'll be with Mommy at Disney World! Look how much fun! *gestures toward the TV*
*Castle appears*
Me: See, don't you wanna go see the castle?
*Mickey shows up on TV*
Liam: :eek: MICKEY MOUSE TOO?!
Me: Yup
Liam: Okay. Liam goes to Dimney World. I get my backpack.
Then he proceeded to try to shove diapers in his backpack. Needless to say, he wasn't thrilled when I told him he has to wait. 😂

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