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Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE!

Hello again, my friends.

For nearly a decade it has been such a joy for me to write about 50 (yes, 50!) different trips that I have taken to WDW - including one that was virtual. ;)

The reason? You, the reader.

I don’t do trip reports for my own documentation. I have journals for that. I write because I love interacting with y’all. Your encouragement, humor, curiosity and even snark (*ahem* @amjt660) assure me that I am not alone in my crazy affection for Disney parks. A big thanks to each of you!

I am very fortunate to be a frequent visitor to WDW (despite what @Mr Ferret 88 believes, I do not live there!) and am entering a season of monthly visits. Trip reporting is time consuming (as those of you who’ve written can attest) but I’m not ready to completely give it up - yet.

What I’d like to do is keep this as an ongoing TR for the rest of 2023. It will be highlights and moments, with live posting as the goal. My story coming alive, so to speak.

First up is spring break with my favorite girl.


Followed closely by a getaway with my favorite guy.


There will be Magician meets. New experiences. And (as always) the unexpected.

I hope you’ll join the fun!


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My son lost a band on our last visit. We didn't file anything because he has so many and it was just a regular one. But I did deactivate it.

We'd been home about a week and I got an email that it was turned in and did I want to pick it up at Beach Club or have it mailed to my home. They tracked it easily enough and 3 days later....the prodigal band returned home in a lovely Disney package. 🙂

Hopefully someone turns yours in too!
It was my favorite band too - Wilderness Lodge theme - and the only one that still has a strong long range battery for ride photos.

One of the best Trip Report posts ever!
It was such a fun meet.

And Zelda is adorable! It must have been hard not to pet her! Look at that face!
We were allowed to pet her. And she contentedly nuzzled my and Em’s toes as she lay under the table. 💖


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Here is where our evening began to go downhill.

View attachment 720622

Em and I were so looking forward to this meal. We were a few minutes late in arriving (thanks to Disney bus) and the hostess could not find our reservation. When she finally located it, she explained the restaurant was “running a little behind due to an earlier power outage.”

We were seated within 10 minutes in the main dining room.

View attachment 720623

Yet another 10 minutes passed before our server came to our table. All the staff in the restaurant seemed frazzled, none more so than the one waiting on us. She said she would bring us bread and water and then disappeared for awhile.

Em and I both ordered the buttermilk fried chicken, the most popular item on the menu and therefore one that should come quickly out of the kitchen.

We got our bread and water - no pics cause we were starving and dove right in.

Almost 45 minutes passed before our entrees arrived, delivered by a food runner. We never saw our server the entire time. No food pics because as I mentioned - starving.

The chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans were fantastic. It was the saving grace of the experience.

We never expected such a lengthy meal. I had “hit the wall” after my lack of sleep. Em ordered an Uber so we could get back to the Poly quickly.

When we got to our room I realized that somewhere along the way I’d lost my MagicBand. Thus began the tedious process of deactivating it and filing a lost and found report.

And here I am finishing this post when I should be sleeping. Goodnight, all!
Here’s to a better day!! Hope you had a good night’s rest. Hugs!!


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Decided to ride the ferry this morning.


We stood next to a mom and her young son who were both sporting First Visit buttons. The deck hand quipped: “What took you so long? We’ve been open 50 years!”


Then he added: “And that’s not real water. It’s animated. We draw it every day.”

We’re coming, MK!




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Not sure the Magical Star is girlie or not but hey, it comes with a glow cube!
I've had them before and love them!
We stood next to a mom and her young son who were both sporting First Visit buttons. The deck hand quipped: “What took you so long? We’ve been open 50 years!”
I’d vote this ticket.
Me, too!!

Yay for magical meetups and Zelda! What a bummer you lost your favorite MB! Do you not have another one for good ride photos? Will Em's mb get the photos to show up? Might be time for a new one....

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