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Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE!

Hello again, my friends.

For nearly a decade it has been such a joy for me to write about 50 (yes, 50!) different trips that I have taken to WDW - including one that was virtual. ;)

The reason? You, the reader.

I don’t do trip reports for my own documentation. I have journals for that. I write because I love interacting with y’all. Your encouragement, humor, curiosity and even snark (*ahem* @amjt660) assure me that I am not alone in my crazy affection for Disney parks. A big thanks to each of you!

I am very fortunate to be a frequent visitor to WDW (despite what @Mr Ferret 88 believes, I do not live there!) and am entering a season of monthly visits. Trip reporting is time consuming (as those of you who’ve written can attest) but I’m not ready to completely give it up - yet.

What I’d like to do is keep this as an ongoing TR for the rest of 2023. It will be highlights and moments, with live posting as the goal. My story coming alive, so to speak.

First up is spring break with my favorite girl.


Followed closely by a getaway with my favorite guy.


There will be Magician meets. New experiences. And (as always) the unexpected.

I hope you’ll join the fun!


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“I remember when they used to mail magnets to us. How ridiculous that we have to stand in line to get one!” Em complained.
Not only that, we had to show our AP cards and our driver’s licenses. As if we were obtaining something of real value.

Agreed!!! Though my son has been tasked with picking one up for me on his quick Thursday-Saturday trip this week.


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It was a slower-than-usual wait to reach the first preshow. We observed a CM watching the progress monitors and Em figured out when it would be our turn to enter.


In the transport room, it never ceases to amaze us that some people head straight to the far door (which opens when second preshow ends), causing the rest of the lemmings to follow.

They miss out on the cool things going on in the show.


Only a few remain to appreciate the story while the others are crowded around the dang exit door.


Receiving ride photos has been iffy lately, so I took a mock one of Em.


But hers magically appeared!

Earlier I had told her, “you have one job for the day. One. Don’t do that crazy thing with your eyes in the ride photo.”




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We began walking to World Showcase. The app showed that Frozen Ever After had only a 25 minute wait. We haven’t done this ride in forever.

Would this be the first time?

It would not. When we got to Norway, the exterior doors of the attraction were shut. FEA was down.

We continued on.

Equipment-free lagoon.


Germany is a fun place to explore so we did. Em saw a fun flavor of popcorn in Karamel Küche, but wasn’t willing to pay $10 plus tax for a small bag.

Love this Minnie, don’t you @MinnieM123?


We thought this replica of the sculpture in front of SSE was really cool. No idea how much it cost as there was no price listed.


Then we saw an even smaller version for sale.


Two hundred and fifty dollars??!!

Amy Farrah Fowler would go crazy in this store.




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Hmmm….we’re in Italy.


You know who resides in Italy?

Mr. Rabbit.


We had a perfect view of him at lunch. (And I had a partial view of Mr. Owl too.)


Come to Mama.


Em and I decided to shake things up and order a different kind of pizza.




Bread and cheese! What a great combination!

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