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Trip Report The Story Comes ALIVE! *COMPLETED*

Hello again, my friends.

For nearly a decade it has been such a joy for me to write about 50 (yes, 50!) different trips that I have taken to WDW - including one that was virtual. ;)

The reason? You, the reader.

I don’t do trip reports for my own documentation. I have journals for that. I write because I love interacting with y’all. Your encouragement, humor, curiosity and even snark (*ahem* @amjt660) assure me that I am not alone in my crazy affection for Disney parks. A big thanks to each of you!

I am very fortunate to be a frequent visitor to WDW (despite what @Mr Ferret 88 believes, I do not live there!) and am entering a season of monthly visits. Trip reporting is time consuming (as those of you who’ve written can attest) but I’m not ready to completely give it up - yet.

What I’d like to do is keep this as an ongoing TR for the rest of 2023. It will be highlights and moments, with live posting as the goal. My story coming alive, so to speak.

First up is spring break with my favorite girl.


Followed closely by a getaway with my favorite guy.


There will be Magician meets. New experiences. And (as always) the unexpected.

I hope you’ll join the fun!


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Wednesday, con’t

When staying at a Port Orleans resort, a boat ride to Disney Springs is a must.


But be prepared to wait. Two captains arrived late for their shift so boat departures were delayed. Em and I were fortunate that a party of 2 was needed to fill the first boat to leave after the captain was settled.

These folks weren’t as lucky. The line got even longer than when we were in it.



The CM at the Marketplace dock yelled at our captain when we docked.

“Why are you so late?!!”

She wasn’t kidding.

Em’s suggestion for dinner. Who was I to disagree?


Earl’s Club and the Holiday Turkey.

We picked up two of these zero calorie cookies (IYKYK) for later.



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Here’s what we accomplished in a little over an hour. (Without Genie+!)

Jungle Cruise

View attachment 708469

Whatever this is

View attachment 708470

And three P’s


View attachment 708471


View attachment 708472


View attachment 708473

Hard to believe we successfully experienced 10 attractions today in under 5 hours with MK “at capacity.”

It was a great day!!
I'm probably late, but in the picture you can't tell what it is, you can see the letters on a reddish background on the left above the lights....Looks like it says "Pirates"?


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You won’t believe what we rope dropped (with minor protest from Em.)

View attachment 708530

@wdisney9000 and @luvinthemajik - upon hearing (and then seeing) the Shaman, we cracked up. Both of us were remembering your family’s chanting and dancing video!

As we exited the ride Em turned to me and said, “Well I don’t need to take any mushrooms this afternoon.”
Haha! I had forgot about that. We had that song stuck in our heads all day 🤣


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Then we headed to Tomorrowland. We wanted to remain close to TRON since we weren’t sure when our Boarding Group would be called.

Took a ride on the Peoplemover.


Our group was called as we exited. Outside Tomorrowland Launch Depot two CMs were controlling mini Lightcycles, which were adorable!



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