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The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]


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Teams Reality, Space & Time had their collective minds blown now with the realization that it had been Kingpin all along who had been their mysterious benefactor. It had all been an effort to keep the teams under his thumb while in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where he also controlled all the theme parks in this weird Great Movie Ride/Sorcerer’s Apprentice Universe. Finally let in on the plan outlined by Don, HULK, Ralph, et al, it all made sense.

“Mr. Lynch. One of Kingpin’s henchman. How did I not see that?” @kmbmw777 said. “And pinball. Of course.” Chimed in @SharonandSusan.

View attachment 534993

With the plan fully laid out in front of them, the teams realized they had one last job ahead of them if Mickey’s mission was to be a success. One last piece to this master plan was needed. Perhaps one last night on the town would do the trick and help the teams keep Kingpin and his men busy.

“Whatever we do, can we at least eat first?” @Solaris Knight said. Never ones to Imagineer on an empty stomach, the teams agreed to meet up at Team Time’s resort, The Burj al Arab, for a meal at Al Mahara and plan their next move.

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What awaited them at Al Mahara was a dining experience they were not quite prepared for. From the opulent elevator simulating a submarine like entry under water, to the opulence and James Bond like entry into a room filled with a floor to ceiling aquarium, it was all stunning.

View attachment 534995

Before they had a chance to even order a $500 appetizer, their phones lit up once again. “Hello Teams. Glad we caught you, and…. oh good, you are eating. That should help you prep for the final piece of the plan.” Don said.
Why is everyone at our hotel again?!

why are you so obsessed with me mean girls GIF

Pi on my Cake

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Once upon a time in the year 1980 something there was a man named Henry and his bff William and they make a restaurant called fredbear's family diner which features an animatronic show featuring two characters: a yellow bear known as Fredbear and a yellow bunny known as Springbonnie. The restaurant is a hit and inspired a show and merch. One day William gets drunk or something and kills Henry's daughter Charlie who then possesses the puppet. Sometime after that he kills more kids and rumors begin around about the robots being haunted. And also maybe sometime after that Circus Baby's Pizza World opens and his daughter gets killed and possesses Circus Baby? Maybe? Meanwhile his kid Evan (that's the idea of what his name is, seriously we don't know) is having his upcoming birthday and he is totally afraid of going to this place, meanwhile his older brother Mike keeps on tormenting him about it and his little Fredbear doll tells him that everything is going to be ok and stuff. The doll might be controlled by William with a walkie talkie or haunted we have no idea. Anyways his birthday happens, he gets shoved into the fredbear animatronics mouth and then it crunches down on his skull and he dies! The doll promises to put him back together and stuff and the spirit maybe goes in the doll and then goes into fredbear which then becomes golden freddy....maybe? And also golden freddy is double haunted because there's a kid's murdered spirit in there?

Somewhere between that the springlock suits, which are part animatronic and part suit have a massive malfunction killing a whole lot of people and they get discontinued. And also the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza opens.

Now here's for the more solid stuff haha

Sometime after the OG Freddy's closes
William's son Mike is sent to Circus Baby's and discovers the deep secrets of the pizzeria. He gets scooped and the animatronics take over his body and then when his body rots they go out. Then through the power of remnant, which is a metal substance that keeps spirits in robots, he comes back to life and vows to search for his father.

The New and improved Freddy Fazbear's is opened with toy animatonics which have a police database to keep out criminals. However they are faulty and have some parts from the old possessed animatronics, making them at least partially possessed. Plus the power of agony which William has found makes certain objects come to life might also make them faulty. Meanwhile the old animatronics are still backstage, meaning poor Jeremy has to deal with a lot of animatronics. One day william comes back and murders a lot of kids with the springbonnie suit, gets arrested, and then Jeremy gets the day shift. Meanwhile Mike under the name "Fritz" takes the night shift. Jeremy gets bitten and the restaurant closes and the animatronics are no longer allowed to walk.

1998 (I think, honestly forgot the actual year)
Mike goes back to Freddy's for the nightshift and finds out through haunted newspapers what crimes his father committed and stuff. Years before he joined many nightguards have been killed at the job by the animatronics, including long time worker Phone Guy (we also don't know his name). During the same time he has reoccuring nightmares about animatronics invading his or Evan's childhood bedroom. Trauma of the bite returned to him during the job back at the refurbished old location.

Mike goes back to Freddy's, now known as Fazbear's Fright, where he finds his father has become springtrap. As it turns out William years prior came back and dismantled the animatronics, but then the spirits inside chase him and he goes inside the springlock bonnie suit. However it malfunctions and it kills him. Thanks to remnant and agony he's not truly dead and is now Springtrap. Mike burns down the place after a week in hopes of killing his father for good, but it doesn't work and the father escapes.

Meanwhile Henry the old work partner has made a trap to lure the remaining spirits: Springtrap, Circus Baby, Funtime Freddy, the Puppet, and Mike into one place so he can burn them all. And he's successful. Yay


Sometime after that, a video game company is founded and Fazbear entertainment is brought back, using old chips found from Fazbear's fright, they accidently bring William back to life in the form of Glitchtrap, who then tries to take over the minds of multiple employees including Jeremy, before taking over the mind of Vanny, the main protagonist.

And that's the lore pretty much give or take. Hope you liked my essay

I know this but not complex math....my brain is weird
I haven't kept up with stuff enough since VR's release to know if this is disproven...

But I think Glitchtrap is actually Afton's father. And Old Man Consequences.

First off, the suit is an old felt suit, not an animatronic. Implying this is older than William. Perhaps the person who inspired William? I'm assuming a father figure since the series adores family bloodlines.

Second off, one of the weirdest unexplained details was Old Man Consequences from FNAF World. He just seemed odd and out of place. Sounded like someone who perhaps dived to deep into a digital world. I would just write it off, but Old Man Consequences was brought BACK for UCN.

I think William's father was the first person to do Afton's work. But in starting to develop early animatronics as an upgrade to his felt suit he got obsessed and accidentally became trapped in the electronics and now the Afton father is brought back as Glitchtrap!

But hey, that's just a theory...


This round was meant to be a pure free-for-all of fun, and all three teams seized that challenge. These three projects are, to my taste, the three most exciting projects of the season to date! With arcades and pinball cabinets being something not seen before (or often, at least) in Armchair Imagineering, the chance for experimentation was nearly limitless. You didn’t disappoint! There were creative ideas, out-of-the-box presentation elements, and simply a pure sense of fun throughout. Forgive me if I overuse the word “fun” in these reviews.

Because of the unique nature of these presentations, I’ll review ‘em in a different manner tonight. (Also I can’t sleep so I’m up past midnight doing this.) So I’ll review every team at once, dividing things up by components.


As stated, this prompt was largely a blank canvass for fun presentation ideas. Each team provided top notch presentations which would’ve been unheard of in past seasons. Across the board, custom artwork helps sell the ideas and setting, some done with visual precision, others with more passion than skill (but no worse for it).

Team Space - @Homemade Imagineering did a stellar job managing this team, really rising to the occasion. The website is incredibly striking right out of the gate, with a delightful comic book look. Solid organization, ambitious design.

There are sadly some sloppy elements which stand out in sharp contrast. The introduction doesn’t mention your chosen location – IMG Worlds of Adventure – which is parsed out instead from later details. Similarly, individual attraction components often don’t receive a specific description, so I’m left to interpret what precisely Argon the Aardvark is. Early typos like “meniacal” in the second sentence stand out. Nice custom embedded videos are contrasted with video links. With a bit more proofreading, and a bit more statement-of-purpose in carefully establishing your project, your wonderful ideas will shine all the brighter.

The fact that @Homemade Imagineering created an honest-to-goodness homemade animatronic is next-level stuff!

Team Reality – Google Sites has dominated this season, so it’s a calculated bold risk to do Google Docs instead. It sets your arcade apart. This style benefits from a purely linear readthrough, and the project is carefully structured to take advantage of that – building to the pinball machine crescendo, with a dining/retail epilogue, all with careful establishing descriptions throughout so we never lose track of the overall project. Masterfully done, and good “Prime Ministering” from @Tegan pilots a chicken. Visuals throughout are clear and evocative, from the custom maps to the well-chosen DC Comics imagery.

The standout, of course, are the playable video games by @Pi on my Cake. This is something I cannot recall ever seeing in Armchair Imagineering before. It’s exactly the sort of revolutionary touch I was hoping for with this prompt. Top marks, Pi!

Team Time – Another beautiful website, one which is a joy to navigate and one which crisply captures the colorful, clean style of Hannah Barbera animation. Very nice work, especially with the frequent use of appropriate character pictures to accompany your descriptions. Your overall project feels the most realistic. That starts with how carefully, how precisely your locate your arcade within WB World’s Cartoon Junction, incorporating modified WB maps and everything. This is a thoroughly solid, professional presentation, with many nice custom elements. While it lacks a standout surprise like animatronics or video games, it captures the presentation basics the best.



What makes a good theme park arcade? Really, I don’t know, and I was looking for teams to provide me with the answer. Each team rightly included a wide assortment of plussed attractions, in addition to the more standard coin-op amusements. Each team integrated arcade elements nicely with their chosen roster of characters.

Team Space – The Marvelous Funcade has a neat premise. The villain Arcade gives you a great framing device. I especially love the giant Rubik’s Cube. Around that, the expected Marvel heroes all make an appearance. In contrast to the other teams, the basic arcade offerings could have used a bit more attention. (Marvel vs. Capcom, anyone?) Rather, you leap directly into the specialized attractions – an animatronic comedy revue, laser tag, a VR ride, plus shopping/dining. (Also go-karts on the map, but I didn’t notice a write-up for them.) A decent dossier of distractions.

The Guardians of the Galaxy laser tag is a standout, thanks entirely to some great dialogue by @NigelChanning; Rocket’s voice came through crystal clear. Maybe there’s too much talk? Not enough description of the setting, either verbally or visually?

As for Avengers: Arcade Attack…each team did arcade rides. There’s a fine line to straddle here. Interactivity is key. Without it, the ride can feel more “theme park,” and less “arcade.” This ride, with its Jurassic World sphere VR tech demo gimmick, sits right on that line. I would enjoy a little more rider control, and less of a pre-scripted sequence, which surely this ride tech could do. The giant pinball setting is inspired.

Team Reality – Locating your DC Funverse technically outside of WB World…I’m torn on that choice. But no matter, the interior is a delight! You’ve covered a wide gamut of DC characters, which is doubly impressive when the whole team expressed ambivalence about the IP. Nearly every element is thoroughly described (67 pages!), from the individual arcade machines with specialized character theming, to the more unique upcharges. Even the basic things are carefully divided by theme, with the Themyscira area and Shazam’s area being highlights.

Larger-scale attractions include laser tag (everyone did that), mini golf, go-karts, a KUKA arm VR. This is a solid assortment. Characters appear in unexpected places (SuperHero Girls go-karts?!), which is a constant delight. The write-ups really sell these elements, with some fun in-character moments, in-depth run-throughs, you’ve covered every base. There’s a constantly bonkers, zany tone, which suits the both the prompt and Team Reality.

And of course even tiny things like restrooms and trash can get mentioned!

Team Time – HB Ultimate Arcade is seamlessly incorporated into WB World’s Cartoon Junction. Thematically, visually, you’ve effortlessly captured the land’s rich, cartoony vibe. With the Hannah Barbera theme, you’ve even strengthened this land. I love how the arcade interior is thematically sub-divided into further zones, each perfectly fusing arcade necessities with specific Hannah Barbera IPs. You have a good choice of off-the-shelf machines (I love Theater of Magic!), and like Reality you successfully merge characters with activities.

Your roster of signature attractions is the strongest of the three: bowling, a pedal “coaster,” micro car racing, laser tag, an escape room, plus dining. All combined, this feels very appropriate for an arcade inside of a theme park. Dirk Dastardly’s Man-Powered Flying Contraptions is a (hilariously) ideal combination of interactivity and dark ride, which uses the second floor well to interact with the whole arcade. Wacky Accelerated Racing seems like a very “U.A.E.” thing to add. The escape room is simply well thought out, thorough, and fun. So to is the laser tag. Across the board, the chosen Hannah Barbera themes flawlessly fit the activity. My only extremely minor gripe is Flintstones Bowling, and that’s only because WB World has a Bedrock land elsewhere.



Pinball design is a wholly new field for us, with no set rules…and as a result we got three very different approaches to the game. They’re so different, it’s hard to qualitatively compare them.

Team Space – With Thanos’ Gauntlet Assembly, it’s clear that @Mickeynerd17 has no real pinball knowledge. (Flippers are called “paddles,” etc.) But given that handicap, he’s found a unique way to approach the challenge. MineCraft is a specialty of his, and it’s used creatively here. The “on-ride” video from the pinball’s perspective, following train tracks through the machine interior, that’s a really fun thing!

Assembling the Infinity Gauntlet is a natural premise for a pinball game. The gameplay approach you’ve chosen…it isn’t strictly realistic. Colored balls (not interchangeable with other pins) would be a technical headache. Easier to use standard metal balls to unlock specific Infinity Stone ball locks by hitting specific ramps or drop targets. And when the Gauntlet is completed, MULTIBALL! Even without knowing pinball, you’ve imagined a game I could see working with a few tweaks, so well done!

Team Reality – With Joker’s Pinball Madhouse, @tcool123 set out to create a true showstopping E-ticket pinball machine. That’s definitely a valid approach to this prompt. This game employs some crazy gimmicky bells-and-whistles – the immersive, responsive RFID environment, the vertically stacked playfields – to create a pinball experience you cannot get at your average pin parlor. That’s a blessing and a curse. These are the least realistic aspects of a very creative game.

The fundamental, underlying game playthrough though is incredibly solid. It’s super in-depth, for one thing! And the progression of gameplay stages, defeating assorted Batman A-lister villains until you reach the Joker, this is all very believable for a modern pin. Plus it reminds me of retro legends like Funhouse. The character voice work is a superb touch. It’s clear that you know your pinball, since even with all the U.A.E. wackiness going on there’s a solid game underneath. (But no multiball?)

Team Time – Scooby Doo Where Are You?, by @JokersWild (supervised by @Sharon&Susan, who is also a pinhead), is easily the most realistic pinball game presented. I genuinely want to play this! It’s actually shocking that Stern hasn’t made a Scooby pin yet, it sounds exactly like the sort of license they’d do in 2021. (I researched the matter, and there are a ton of custom made Scooby cabinets but nothing official yet.)

Presentation elements like the backboard and the rule set both feel like the real deal. The playfield arrangement and the gameplay objectives are all 100% in tune with modern pinball design. The playthrough is epic, with a good progression of objectives. This would reward frequent replays. Plus there’s multiball – hooray! – with the laugh-out-loud name “Let’s Split Up the Gang.” You’ve eschewed gimmicks to simply create an incredibly believable, realistic game. Great work!

Final thoughts: I truly enjoyed this round. It really is tearing me up, choosing between these projects. All of them were a blast to read! All were a frenzied sugar rush of pure joy! Across the board fantastic work, everybody!​
Disney Dad Reviews
(sorry no cool reviews banner)
Before diving into the reviews, let me just congratulate each of the teams on their work this stanza. This was the 2nd shortest stanza of the season so far, but with the most actual work involved. Each of the 3 Project Managers did a fine job leading their teams, being engaged, and keeping everyone else going as well. A great job by all of you!

View attachment 534949

The Marvelous Fun Arcade
  • Fun name for your arcade, and Marvel a good choice for an overall theme​
  • Main Page
  • Just a couple of minor quibbles with the main page to help you – I would include a banner or something of the name of your arcade instead of the stanza name, and for viewing using a solid continuous banner does make it a little easier for reading​
  • Right off I am intrigued by the use of Arcade and using the arcade itself as his playground. A nice idea to be sure. While Arcade can tend to be a bit non-family friendly with his Murderworld in the comics, most guests are not going to know this history, and allows you to present him and his Expo as you desire which you have done a solid job.​
  • I am immediately curious though where this arcade is going (we will confirm later), but assume IMG with the Marvel tie in​
  • The map and artwork are both great additions here​
  • Agron the Aardvark – I am assuming this is a short character show? Just would have liked a bit more detail here, but an interesting little extra to include in the arcade, and the artwork and animatronic video here are great​
  • Pizza/Treasure store – both solid additions to the arcade and standard. I will have a Thing Pepperoni​
  • Avengers Arcade Attack – While not your main pinball table, still a pinball type experience which is a good idea, especially consider the use of Arcade. Very cool work with the trailer here. I do see the inclusion of Murderworld after all. I do not think you would necessarily need to change the idea, but I would normally avoid use of the word itself for theme park purposes. The attraction itself does sound pretty exhilarating.​
  • Thanos Gauntlet Assembly – First off, very cool build here. Visually a standout performance (even down to the outlet), and the leveling up associated with assembling the stones makes sense for a pinball machine. Never would have thought of using the ball’s eye view for your video. That was an ingenious idea! I will defer to @D Hulk regarding the actual game play, but was a little confusing to me with all those balls needed, and do they stay on the field of play in the gauntlet, etc. Overall, a nice idea, just not 100% sure on the execution of the machine itself.​
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – solid idea for a laser tag attraction, though I initially was unsure this was laser tag until later in the write up. Kudos on the commentary writeup for in-game. Plenty of detail. Would have maybe like to see some visuals or a layout for the arena but overall solid work here. Rocket makes for a great part of a laser tag type attraction.​
  • Iron Man Go Karts – no detail here?​
  • Overall, a nice job Team Space. As indicated, you all worked well together this round and provided some good ideas. For organization purposes, I would have maybe led with the Gauntlet Assembly or Arcade Attack as the headliner for the arcade instead of Argon. A sentence here or there in your introductory pieces would go a long way in setting the stage for either the arcade or attraction with a bit more detail on the standard arcade fare as well. Also, I do see this is in IMG Worlds of Adventure, but was a location picked? That would be another inclusion to help sell the idea of how the arcade fits with the park. Again, solid teamwork this week and you all provided numerous extras and unique parts to your pitch, just needed some finer details to really make the project shine.​

View attachment 534953

DC Funverse

  • DC – Nice in that provides an interesting contrast to Team Space, but also gets us to another local park. Not to mention all the good DC source material (as with Marvel) for an arcade experience.​
  • love the use of Google Doc here. It makes it so easy to flow from beginning to end and is a perfect fit for this type of pitch​
  • I understand why this is not built in the park due to the size but would love to have found someway to include in in the indoor park experience if possible. Great map/layout and the google doc here works nicely to flow straight through the arcade.​
  • The Game Floor
  • The level of detail here is simply fantastic. While it seems like you have gone overboard, the reality is you haven’t as an arcade would include a multitude of machines and games. You have done a great job highlighting the unique ones with descriptions beyond the other standard arcade fare.​
  • Wonder Twins is giving me the feels, even if dance off is not my thing, but a plausible and funny use of these characters​
  • All the games here are well done, with Aquaman wave ball really standing out as a skeeball fan. Visually a fun representation of the game​
  • Shazam’s Arcade – here is our classic games, and many from Disney’s Digital Kingdom no less​
  • I knew this ahead of time, but you made your own freaking games. You made your own freaking games. You made your own freaking games. That is next level awesomeness.​
  • Teen Titan’s Slam – So much stinking detail in this game. Wow. As a huge fan of the X-men cabinet you are basing it off, I know I would love this game. I think game developers miss out on so much with IP’s like this. Give us mass multiplayer co-op games where we can use all these characters together.​
  • Laser Tag – short and sweet but the visuals here go a long way helping sell the idea​
  • Mini-golf – Love the idea of a villain’s mini golf and the inclusion of some really off the wall DC villains. There are some doozies at DC, and you have got some good ones here. Nice job on this​
  • Go-karts – perfect amount of detail here but the kart examples and track layout are what sells it.​
  • Joker’s Pinball Madhouse
  • Another villain inspired pinball machine which is to me, awesome to see​
  • The set up and detail for the machine is great with the villains and cabinet info​
  • With the set up and all that is going into the machine and layout, would this be a premium game experience as opposed to a standard machine? I may have missed seeing that detail but that is something I would like to know about. This seems like something you would want a sizeable upcharge to play.​
  • Again, details, details, details with all the ambiance and tech info provided. Fantastic​
  • Game play – this truly seems like something that would draw a crowd just to watch people play it. You have provided essentially an attraction write up building into the game play of a pinball machine. All the villains you have used here are of course iconic with Batman. Copperhead on the only interesting one to me in lieu of Poison Ivy, but I think it is cool you went a different direction there. Overall, the machine design and write up are really well done.​
  • Dining
  • Full menus around with plenty of typical arcade fare. Love the comic book font used in Comic Cafeteria. Room design as well is a standout inclusion in the project.​
  • Shops/Restrooms/Trashcans – I think it is safe to say you all left no stone unturned, including having the restroom talk to me while I finish up. Hopefully, they will call out people that do not wash their hands before leaving​
  • Team Reality managed to get every single detail in this arcade fleshed out. I am trying to think of something you might not have covered, but you have done a fantastic job of covering everything from the headliner games down to trash cans and everything in between. This challenge involved producing a pinball machine and arcade and you did a really great job on both accounts. Only minor nitpick is the location of the arcade, but great pitch here.​

View attachment 534954

HB Ultimate Arcade

  • Ok, this incessant sucking up to the judges is getting old (not really). You would not have known this, but Hanna Barbera is an all-timer for me. A fantastic idea for your arcade and your brief intro does a nice job selling the choice.​
  • Really nice job on the map and love how you have woven it into Warner Bros World
  • The website itself is easily viewable and well put together​
  • Again, love the design work (inside and out) and how you thought about its inclusion in the park. Exterior entry artwork and the arcade pricing are great touches as well.​
  • Jetson’s Future Funfair
  • The Orbit City look is an inspired design element for the arcade portion​
  • All the classic games are here, and you have done a nice job including HB rethemes of other standard arcade fare​
  • Future Flyers seems like a great VR experience. Would have loved to see a little more about this but as a Jetson’s fan I can picture it easily​
  • The Hooded Claw machine is a small bit of genius wordplay​
  • Nice mention of the extra pinball machines to be included in the arcade​
  • Scooby Doo Pinball
  • You are really getting me with the IP usage here. I will be honest I spent probably 10-15 minutes searching for a Scooby Doo pinball machine figuring there had to be something out there that I could use as a reference. I was amazed I could not find anything beyond a simple electronic tabletop version and see @D Hulk has confirmed there is not one. Simply mind blowing to me. Scooby Doo is an all time great kids cartoon. A great choice here​
  • Playfield – love the custom visuals showing the backglass and playfield​
  • Each of the zones on the playfield are easily tied to Scooby and seem to flow well with the layout artwork you have provided​
  • With my limited pinball knowledge, this seems like a classic layout, but set up and geared to flow with the Scooby story​
  • Rule Book – this is a great way to explain the game and tips for gameplay. The game modes chosen are some of the more known with the show, so you have done a nice job theme wise here.​
  • Flintstones bowling – why has this not been done? To me a next level bowling experience without all the crazy light shows, etc. that bowling alleys do today.​
  • Dick Dastardly – you put a coaster in here?? Great use of the IP and I love the idea of seeing these contraptions going around the arcade. Does wonders for the kinetics in the space.​
  • Wacky Accelerated Racing – Love the idea here styling after Mario Kart. Honestly, I think this would be better than Mario Kart if it ever got produced if nothing else for the wacky vehicle designs. The mixture between physical and arcade effects would be a ton of fun. Extra custom map design is welcome​
  • Secret Squirrel Escape Room – unexpected inclusion but a nice extra here. Again, love all the visuals including the custom image​
  • Space Ghost Laser Tag – 3 different varieties of laser tag from the teams and this one is also solid. Was a little unsure if guests are actually wearing full body suits or is that just the normal vests, etc. Space Ghost makes for good pre/post interaction for the experience. Would have liked to see a layout of some sorts, but overall, solid.​
  • Dining – short and sweet here, but theming is on brand with the arcade​
  • Beginning to end all manner of detail in Team Time's approach. Both the pinball machine and arcade were well thought and described with only minor nitpicks here or there. Plenty of thought was put into how this fit the park which I appreciate and the few pieces of artwork were a nice touch. Great use of the HB IP in all areas.​
Thank you guys for more thorough reviews and all the helpful feedback!!

Yes, sometimes it's hard. Screwing myself out of my Veto win with The Obelisk of Time in 1986 was especially hard. I loved that project too.

It's also hard when it seems like you just can't win, in this and everything else in life. I've been learning to live with it for awhile now.

I'm not in a pity party mode, I don't wish to be treated any different than anybody else, that wouldn't be fair to them. I just sometime feel better talking it out than keeping it locked up inside of me.

I do wonder sometimes if I have improved from 1986 'cause everything seemed to be easy to come up with back then. Not as much now.
You've definitely improved. Any new skill starts off seeming easier and then you learn more and start to notice your flaws making it seem harder/worse even if you have gotten better. Which you really have!


View attachment 534980

Team Space

Great teamwork and improvement from the previous stanza. Plenty of unique extras and work put into the project, just some finer details that were missing that outdid you in the end.

Team Time

Team Reality. We found little to no fault with your presentation. The pinball machine was spot on, and your arcade was top notch with all manner of excellent ideas. You were simply outdone (just barely) by an equally great project.

Team Reality

Fantastic rebound from the previous stanza where everything you did here was on brand. While you had super stiff competition this week, the level of detail put into your arcade top to bottom and pinball machine, combined with the usage of a google doc and creating your games won you this round by a hair. Great job!
celebrate hell yeah GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Disney Dad 3000

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Stanza VIIII The Show.jpg

The Show.jpg

This is it teams. This is the last piece in the puzzle that will help Mickey, Don, HULK, and crew get what they need from Kingpin and continue this madcap journey through the multiverse.

For this challenge, we are going back to The Great Movie Ride Competition and Scene 2, That’s Amore. In this challenge, teams were required to create a new restaurant at Walt Disney World. The trick was, they needed to incorporate the restaurant in some way, into an existing attraction.

For this challenge, teams will create ONE NEW RESTAURANT AND ONE NEW ATTRACTION incorporated together in some way. The combo should be added to an existing land within a Dubai/Abu Dhabi theme park (including 20th Century Studios) or headline a new land expansion to be built at one of those parks.

Teams must utilize a different park than the one in which their arcade was added.

Disney has created its own share of these intermingled restaurants and attractions in its parks around the world. These range from Living with the Land/Garden Grill, to Blue Bayou/Pirates of the Caribbean and La Hacienda/Gran Fiesta among several others. The Great Movie Ride Competition produced 3 quite different takes on this challenge putting a restaurant with a 3D show (Henson’s Revue), stunt show (Pankot Palace), and log flume (Br’er Gator’s).

You are creating one restaurant and one attraction here. No need to build out an entire land.
- Think creatively about how your restaurant and attraction can work together to promote the same theme, but not distract from the other
- How you pull this off and what type of attraction you use, is entirely up to you whether it be coaster, boat ride, dark ride, show, etc.

Project Managers
- @pix
Space - @NigelChanning
Time - @DashHaber

This Project is due Saturday, February 27th at 11:59 PM EST

Time Zones
Orlando Time - 11:59 PM
Anaheim Time - 8:59 PM
Tokyo Time - 1:59 PM
Hong Kong Time - 12:59 PM
Paris Time - 5:59 AM

Guest Reviewers

Reality - @Voxel, @WowFactor, @Magicart87, @TheSorcerersApprentice
Space - @Tux, @NateD1226, @James G.
Time - @Evilgidgit, @michmousefan, @Disney Maddux, @Braden20

Any specific questions feel free to ask in your brainstorming PMs or below.
Thank you, best of luck everyone, and enjoy The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Season 7: FANTASMIC JOURNEYS!
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