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The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Season 7: Fantasmic Journeys [CONCLUDED!]


And as the clock strikes 12 and May falls upon us, the climax to the Sorcerer's Apprentice: Fantasmic Journeys...

The Climactic Battle
(Part 10)


Maleficent's grip tightened and with a scream, the hat went silent and the seismic charges stopped. The Mistress fell to the ground, and Mickey caught her before she fell too hard.

"My job is done" a voice could be heard in the ethos saying "Figment can return home, the curse is broken, the Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe won't have to worry about me anymore..."

Maleficent went into the ether, as the heroes and villains stood around in shock at what had transpired. Maleficent tried to take over the multiverse, but ended up sacrificing herself for the sake of the multiverse.
RIP Yen Sid and Maleficent

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And as the clock strikes 12 and May falls upon us, the climax to the Sorcerer's Apprentice: Fantasmic Journeys...

The Climactic Battle
(Part 10)


Maleficent's grip tightened and with a scream, the hat went silent and the seismic charges stopped. The Mistress fell to the ground, and Mickey caught her before she fell too hard.

"My job is done" a voice could be heard in the ethos saying "Figment can return home, the curse is broken, the Sorcerer's Apprentice Universe won't have to worry about me anymore..."

Maleficent went into the ether, as the heroes and villains stood around in shock at what had transpired. Maleficent tried to take over the multiverse, but ended up sacrificing herself for the sake of the multiverse.


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(Part 3 - Reading Music)

The Great Broadway Ride. I think this is an excellent choice for Disney's Hollywood Studios and thank you so much for getting this in. the new dark ride features both figures and live actors sounds like a wonderful experiment to try. I really like the attraction statistics that brings an element of realism to the project as a whole. I would like your description of the queue despite it being brief. change clothes very well through classic musicals. i also really enjoy the trains as the vehicles at the guest load into. The train said Peace from Hello Dolly without the route from being an amazing run vehicle and I think you have great creativity and coming up with that as your ride vehicle. the conductor on each train is interesting I'm not sure how that would go with the trackless ride if it's going too fast or too slow. But nevertheless it's a very unique concept.

As we continue on into Oklahoma I think the scene would breathe new life into the show as you describe. All of your shows after this from very well done including West Side Story. I'm not too familiar with some of these musicals. I think your descriptions get the job done. My favorite would be the Phantom of the Opera as I've actually seen them play and I think it's one of the most ambitious plays and as classic as there is so to have the boat scene play out in this attraction that made me pretty happy. I also like having a Lion King included in this that brings an element of Disney into this Broadway musical attraction.

In addition, Tarzan, Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, and Aladdin bring that Disney element to it however I wonder if its attraction is getting too long for its own good. There are so many scenes that isn't being oversaturated with content. that would be my only concern other than that I think you did a really good job given the time frame that you are dealing with I understand that you had a lot of school work and that that comes first so I really appreciate all the time that you put into this competition you really showed what you could be as an imagineer as a teammate as a member of the community and I truly thank you!

The Seas of Life. The custom artwork here is very well done. I really love the fact that you started off with them is it really lead in the reader to want more when they see a custom artwork from the top just feels very realistic to me.

Appreciate the description of the name as to why you went with the Seas of Life to coincide with the Tree of Life while I think the name is a bit odd I appreciate the intentional name choice of it from a creative point of view. I very much appreciate you setting the rationale for your project. This is something that is definitely needed especially if you're putting it in the SAU. I like the inclusion of the maps as a visual aid that is why I made the maps in the first place to help people out or when we have SAU projects. I also like how you quoted yourself from back in April saying that we needed something for the Living Seas haha.

Animal Kingdom was a wise choice for your attraction. I really like the custom artwork again. So I must say I do think we're getting into a little bit too much detail here with regard to the specifics of the project, as I'm now on page 11 out of 28 and we're still talking about the reasons why this attraction is being placed in Animal Kingdom versus what the attraction is about if that makes sense.

As we get to the Pavilion and self it reminds me very much of the original Living Seas. Perhaps that was an intentional choice as the original building is very nostalgic and has a lot of great components to it. However I think the design as well as the Coral Reef restaurant the main tank Etc all feel a bit too familiar or something that should be your own project if that make sense. Again I don't want to stress on that too much but considering that this is the finale I need to have something to go off of. That being said I really appreciate how he went in depth on the fish themselves. I think there should have been a little bit more time spent on this part of the project (the attraction specifics) as that would have really helped elaborate on where you're going with it.

I think you had an amazing opening and I think your reasons for putting in an animal kingdom are fantastic, and this pavilion will absolutely be in the SAU Animal Kingdom for good. To conclude on a wonderful note I want to thank you again for all the contributions you've done in this season. It was such a pleasure and I hope you had as much fun as I did playing with you, especially on Team Space. Thank you again!

@Pi on my Cake
Okay Five Nights at Freddy's I know absolutely nothing about this, but let's get started! presentation style is very endearing, well there was an element of mocking to it I think that's sticking to a certain point of view really made your presentation stand out from the rest. In addition the custom video in the beginning with the phone call really set the stage for what we are about to see even though I had no idea what Five Nights at Freddy's was.

Going off in bed it really helps that your first few slides are very descriptive in regards to what Five Nights at Freddy's is why the ride would be beneficial for Universal and why we should even care about this in the first place. The visuals and custom photos that you chose were extremely well done and I thought we were very aesthetically pleasing as well. That's not to say that the characters themselves are aesthetically pleasing but the way that the presentation was done made it feel like I was reading a real presentation.

Location also makes sense as well new replacing a carnival theme with another Carnival thing that makes sense to me it's just a little bit more adult Than The Simpsons was there in general I was like how use the original Universal Studios Florida map makes it a lot easier to see and visualize. Photo shops Route is also very well done. On the title itself I understand it is a little bit of a joke. It is kind of long. I did like the shorter one better. Furthermore, audio transitions are also very well done. The queue itself sounds very unique going through the museum room to the showcase room, to the arcade run to the party room and then to the Loading platform. The map also helps out as well.

As I read through the attraction I know there's going to be some little details that I missed because I'm just not familiar with the IP as I should be. I think the narrative and flow throughout the entire attraction is incredible. Despite my hesitation 4 jump-scares and my lack of interest in the IP itself, this attraction sounds so unique and different from any universal attraction that I would have to see this because it seems like it's a year around Halloween Horror Nights. Also seems like it has a great following so it's something that actually I might look into and get interested in myself.

We complete the ride through and head to the gift shop. It's also very unique as it alludes to other films as well and the connection to Halloween Horror Nights as I was mentioning before, offers a great way to cross-promote and really spruces up the attraction for the holiday event.

This was a wonderfully different attraction. Nothing that I was expecting from this round however the thought and care behind this project as you always put was heartwarming to see as that was the whole point of this project is for people to do things that they really wanted to do. And you took that and did it very well! Thank you again for all of your efforts to Sorcerer's Apprentice seasons in the past present and potentially future thank you!​


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Y'all I'm just playing everything Disney is suggesting for me to watch on Disney+ cause I'm just using it as background noise, but it reminded me how much I hated Disneyland Paris's nighttime show Illuminations.

I was so glad it was finally replaced until I found it wasn't replaced and this atrocity is still running to this day. There's so much I hate about the show: Celine Dion, Star Wars, the pacing of the show, just ughhh not a fan 😅

On the bright side, it's Heather Headley singing in the lead track, but for the other parts of the show... Meh. Imagine, this followed Dreams! which is (what I consider as) the pinnacle of Paris' nighttime entertainment offerings so far.


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(Part 2 - Reading Music)

Ok - The Curse of Chaos Battle of the Gods!

To start with this journal was a really innovative idea having the days of Leonard Conker be written out in journal format. I was really like the Brady Bunch meet the gods format that was a very interesting way of showing the characters and then gave me a flashback to our Body Wars attraction with your art style! Very well done and unique and I could tell that you did a lot of research into Greek mythology which was shown in your Inventus Season 3 finale and now here we are in Season 7 and you doing more mythological finales!

All the characters are very well described and I really liked how you went into the backstories. I think a little bit too detailed for my taste because it feel like it took away from getting to the actual attraction ever so much backstory that needed to be told I kind of lost in a way especially now having to memorize these backstories to understand the ride-through. So perhaps for the future may be one or two senses effects to reach and reduce the characters because there was just a lot to handle with but I appreciate the originality.

The Lost Continent I think that's an area of universal Island of Adventure that really needs to be redone and I think the transition from Seuss Landing to Harry Potter now with this attraction here will be better. The guest flow will be much easier because now we have a strong E-ticket that brings people into this area of the park without having to worry about overcrowding Potter. The obelisk is a unique form of a weenie in a sense do I wonder how it will sit with the lighthouse which is also adjacent to this area having these things point up in the air might be a little bit too repetitive.

Queue description here is very well written nothing more to really say about it. I think you really drove into the details in mythology very well here. I also appreciate the maps as a visual person it really gives me a grand scheme of things when I see a top down view of where everything's going and where everything is going to be located us or appreciate using included the maintenance Bay Area what is a nice little detail.

Pre-show again is very well written. as for the ride system the trackless dark ride with elements of simulators and drop Towers is very unique choice. now I really like the expanded map taking the queue map and now expanding it out into the attractions that's awesome however I must say that the color choices could have been better. And the map could have been a little bigger cuz it's a little hard to see some of the small areas….. and you fix that by breaking it down scene by scene. that's what I get for these Live reviews!

Now as I'm reading the ride through I'm trying to picture in my head what exactly this attraction will look like is it going to be like Indiana Jones or is it going to be like Revenge of the Mummy I'm not really sure but I am digging the Aesthetics of this. one thing I will say though is that I think it's a little bit dialogue-heavy. Just trying to appreciate the ride through going scene-by-scene everything sounds very good this is very well flowing and traction things make sense despite some things might being a bit unrealistic I think everything flows well and I think you Justified some of the more grandiose Edition such as the 18 ft tall animatronic you also mentioned that the technical components of the animatronic are less than what you would assume with the size.

Coming up on the end of the attraction at the base camp provisions it was a series of tents set up by the Research Camp. I thought that was a very unique way of ending the journey and having the guess leading to this area. Overall, I think this was a combination of all you've done in this game your dialogue and originally really stands out here and I think that it goes a long way in showing how much you care about the game and how much you desire to be a two-time winner from this attraction. Thank you for all your efforts!

The Time Machine by HG Wells I mean JokersWild

Looks like we're starting this project with a retrospective time travel throughout the season I'll get to this at the end!

Chapter one I really like the narrative form of this - I think it's going to be a very unique style regardless of the Google Docs format

I think this is a way of really making the project special. Very much appreciate the backstory here love the see tie ends in connection to Jason Chandler in the Society of explorers and adventurers I don't know the history of SEA well I don't know if you're adding new content or not but I must say that this is very well written and I really am zoned into this project in Discovery Bay.

Chapter 2 don't be afraid of the map - nothing is perfect and the effort is accounted for. I really like how you're using your own park for this although it might be bending the rules slightly I don't really think there were many rules in this Challenge and that was kind of the point of it it was to see how well you can take a novel prompts like this and turn it into something unique. So I really appreciate the detail and Enlightenment swear Factory row Chandler Manor aviators green and pleasure Harbor these all sound like wonderful things I hope to see in the future

The Time Machine - Really like the right vehicle for this I love the drawing for it as well. Distraction self is very well-written I think the professor is a very unique character and adds a lot to the attraction itself. is attraction is reminding me of the dialogue in symbiosis is energy of nature which we did for Animal Kingdom in season 3 I can't help but think of the dialogue and would you also wrote! I must say the years here are staggering I was not expecting time travel through millennia oh, and by Millenia I mean literally millions of years but I'm not complaining because that is something very unique and I didn't expect that from a time travel attraction. I think this also allows you to create new worlds that aren't necessarily the same as you would see in the stereotypic time travel attractions if that makes any sense. do you think the ending was a tad bit depressing with the fact that the sun was going to burn out and life will cease to exist but I thought it turned around very nicely with the future that we deserve as the guests exit back out into Exposition field. Overall I think of technology and effects in this attraction being compared to Mickey and Minnie's runaway Railway is a very unique take and something that I wasn't really expecting again for this attraction.

Getting back to the opening paragraph and letter I'm so glad that you enjoyed this event and then it changed your perspective from season 3 till now. I think that has a lot to do with our community here as a whole and our togetherness. I would really like that to stay as well into the future. Thank you for everything you did for this competition and if this is your last competition I look forward to hearing your reviews now and into the future - thank you!

Crash at Universal Studios Hollywood. So I'll be the first to admit that I never played this game haha, but I'm always up for learning something new. like a little backstory game to this and I think that it was a really good idea because it lays the groundwork for why this attraction is being built in the real world technicalities behind.

I see we're going with the dark right here. Another interesting touching EMV ride system will be the first time there has been an EMV ride system outside of a Disney park that's very inventive and I really enjoy that. I think the temple will be really great facade it reminds me of the Indiana Jones the sod. The queue sounds really massive 2 floors inside the temple, that would be awesome to see. I really like the characters inside the queue as well, again I don't know the game enough to know all of these characters and locations I assume these are from the game? if you made them up yourself these are fantastic puns and you did a great job.

Right through a page great very detailed I just wish the image was a tad bigger, and I also wish that the ride layout was in the beginning of the description rather than at the end so that I had a visual to go off of with the written descriptions however the ride through write-up is very well done and props for creating an attraction based on this IP. Some of the things I wish were included, perhaps a little bit more artwork. Granted the website was a great touching being one of the only people, if not the only person to do a website that stands out a lot in the presentation however in terms of custom art I feel like this was an opportunity to really step out of the comfort zone and bring something to the table that we hadn't seen before especially with an IP as unique as one.

N. Sanity Island Was also a delight. I think there could have been a bit more description in regards to where exactly it was because I was confused as to where this traction is going with in Universal Studios Hollywood. That being said, I think your diction and concluding trash cans set the bar high now and into the future for video game based attractions.

In the end as well I want to thank you for all of the participation throughout the season on several different teams with several different teammates you're always a standout performer and a true Benchmark of this community - thank you very much for everything!​

Really appreciate the feedback. 99% of the backstory is original. The only things lifted were elements from already in-place backstories (Jason Chandler being a founding member of SEA, BTMRR's backstory, etc.). I've also brought in a number of literary characters who haven't been referenced in the parks such as Otto Lidenbrock (Journey to the Center of the Earth's protagonist, replaced by Captain Nemo at DisneySEA), Selwyn Cavor (one of the main characters from H.G. Wells' A Trip to the Moon,) and, of course, The Time Traveler, now given a proper name because I thought it'd be weird to have this nameless enigma bringing people through time. That's kind of the intention of the park - to mix elements and characters from classic science fiction media with SEA characters with a consistent setting and rounded world. Glad you liked the project!
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