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The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 5 - ENDGAME


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Sears Catalog

Pi on my Cake

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You can just change your name on the fly now? Huh, back in my day we had to go to a thread and post what you want to change your username to, and a mod would change your username in like 2 days. The WDWmagic equivalent of the Sears Catalog.
I still had to do it on the thread. I just thought that was a new thing lol. It was changed within an hour though, not two days later

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The Teams Explore Disneyland (Cont’d)

As the day continues, our heroes continue their tour of Walt’s original Disneyland. Their journeys take them through Adventureland, Frontierland, and New Orleans Square. Trying to get decent views of the Galaxy’s Edge land under construction, everyone rides the Disneyland Railroad looping around the Rivers of America.


As the train pulls into the Fantasyland station, a few of the returning players notice something which which shouldn’t exist any longer in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Universe…


“Toontown?! Shouldn’t this place be gone?” asks @TwilightZone. “I thought @AceAstro replaced it with Frozen last season.”

Indeed, something is seriously awry. In the spot where @AceAstro's winning Enchanted Frozen Palace should be, instead there stands Toontown. On the Fantasyland side of the tracks – where Frozen’s entrance should be – is instead an ominous Gothic palace, reeking of brimstone and emitting creepy Latin chanting.

“What the hellfire is this?!” asks @Poe Dameron.

A sign upon the palace’s foreboding entry declares:

The Cursed Courtroom (link)


“Huh,” says Robin Hood. “Weird.”

D Hulk

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The group reconvenes by the Partners statue before Sleeping Beauty Castle just before sundown…only something is different. The Partners statue is remade in Maleficent’s villainous image. (Also, Scar is there.)

“Ominous…” says @DisneyManOne.

“But kinda cool,” @Evilgidgit finishes. “I just LOVE the rewritten dedication plaque!”

The group continues towards Sleeping Beauty Castle, where something is causing a grand commotion. There are too many Annual Passholders gathered to see what is going on, but there are lasers in the sky.

“This can’t be good,” Robin Hood says.

As the group pushes through, they see Buzz Lightyear of Star Command berating the Passholders.


“Buzz!” Mr. Incredible laughs. “What are you doing here?” Mr. Incredible moves in for a big manful hug, but Buzz Lightyear rejects it.

“Soldiers listen up. I need your help hasta pronto. Zurg has launched an invasion on Tomorrowland. He plans to ruin that land even worse than they did in ’98. I need your help to stop him. Here’s what we can do…”


D Hulk

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Often, Tomorrowland (or the Tomorrowland equivalent) is considered the weakest land of a Disney Castle Park. This is especially true with Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, whose last major refurbishment in 1998 was considered even then to be a colossal failure. Existing attractions were butchered, the PeopleMover and Rocket Jets ruined, and new ideas like Rocket Rods were abandoned very swiftly. Tomorrowland today feels like yesterday, a dead and sterile land in an otherwise amazing park. What might its future hold?

For this challenge, teams will be completely renovating Disneyland’s Tomorrowland.

- This proposal may include anything from refurbishments, removals, replacements, and/or other additions.
- Go nuts with it! Assume the entire land will be shut down until your renovation is completed.
- It's an open canvas of imagination and creativity!

Project Managers
- @Voxel
Princes - @DisneyManOne
Supers - @TwilightZone

Guest Reviewers
- Magicart87, englanddg, GlacierGlacier, jt04, Figments Friend
Princes - WowFactor, EricsBiscuit, El_Tomato, 21stamps, Magic Feather
Supers - mimitchi33, CreateDisney, mickeyfan5534, Fox&Hound, michmousefan

This Project is due Thursday, January 10th at 11:59 PM EST

Time Zones
Pacific Standard Time - 8:59 PM
Eastern Standard Time - 11:59 PM
Barbados Party Time - 12:59 AM
Greenwich Mean Time - 3:59 AM
Central European Time - 4:59 AM

Any specific questions feel free to ask in your brainstorming PMs or below.
Thank you, best of luck everyone, and enjoy The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Season 5: ENDGAME!


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Legitimately started cracking up at the Tin Tin bit. I'm loving this storyline! Excellent work, guys :D Perfect open ended prompt to start out with as well. Tomorrowland has so many problems and I think it's a crime that Disneyland is likely going to get a Frozen expansion before that land is even touched. Can't wait to see what the teams come up with!

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