The Sorcerer's Apprentice Season 4: Homecoming Edition - Fantasmic! 2000


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With all the great creativity going on with the teams, we'd like to add a little extra imagineering spark to it as well, following along with the Stanza locations but focusing on places that aren't covered in the challenges. (and some that are rarely, if ever, touched on in the Imagineer forum) with Fantasmic! 2000.

Fantasmic! 2000 is a thread in conjunction with the competition that will contain auxiliary projects and ideas, mostly done by the hosts, and typically geared towards places surrounding where the current competition Stanza is located and/or past concepts that inspired the prompts in the competition (where applicable). Most projects will also provide commentary on what we liked and didn't like about them - and the door is open for anyone else to provide reviews of their own regarding how to 'plus' and improve the projects!

Moreover it will be a place to dive into some behind the scenes looks at how this Season came to be, and the though processes behind the Stanzas.

Below is the Appendix organizing the various Fantasmic! 2000 projects:

Stanza I: Pines of Paris
- Behind The Scenes

Stanza II: The Pavilion Symphony
- Behind The Scenes
- The Ocean Pavilion
- The iMagination Pavilion
- Wonders of Life Pavilion
- World Showcase Pavilions

Stanza III: Dance of the Hotels
- Behind The Scenes
- Yacht & Beach Club DVC Resort
- NYC Area: Palisades Amusement Park Retrospective
- NYC Area: 1964 World's Fair Attraction
- NYC Area: Six Flags Great Adventure Expansion
- NYC Area: Xanadu Meadowlands Mall
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Stanza I: Pines of Paris

Behind The Scenes

To give some behind the scenes details on the thought process behind Stanza I - it began simply with us having an affinity for the competition, and a desire to bring it back to its flagship days. We also enjoy looking back through the history of past competitions and seeing what worked and what could be improved for the future. And some of the first challenges we gazed at took place at the Disneyland Paris Resort in The International Edition of Season 2.

As an homage to that season, which began with an Adventureland challenge in Disneyland Paris -- we decided to venture right next door, and do a Fantasyland Challenge for Disneyland Paris!

And for folks who go back at least few years on this forum -- you may also recognize that the last competition we helped design - The House Cup, also began with a Fantasyland Expansion challenge!

Year One - Imagineers and The Final Fantasyland

Personally, I think Fantasyland Challenges are a great way to get your feet wet so to speak into a competition. There's so many possibilities for IPs and non-IPs...for many it's very familiar territory of classic Disney films, so not much research needs to be done, and it allows for a team of 7 imagineers to be able to branch off into different attractions, restaurants, a way where everyone is not working on the same thing.

As @DisneyManOne knows -- I'm a huge fan of the WDW Explorer 98 game:D -- which inspired Gryffindor's project in The House Cup -- an attempt at replicating the video game

and went onto inspire the 'Figment in Safari Gear' videos that accompany the comic pages in each Stanza -- starting with Stanza I

So -- as you can see -- a lot of the content was inspired by things we felt worked in our past competitions, only this time we tried to 'plus' them!

And we tried to develop the same type of creative environment that went on to spawn projects like Howard Park by Team Air in Season 2

And as one final reference point -- Team Sea's project had a Fantasia soundtrack to it. When researching past projects, the inclusion of a Fantasia 2000 soundtrack was one of the inspirations behind naming each challenge based on a Fantasia segment!​
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Stanza II: The Pavilion Symphony

Behind The Scenes

As mentioned before and is probably obvious haha -- by now you can see that each title is based around a Fantasia segment (which might make it fun to try and predict which ones will come next!)

Pines of Paris = Pines of Rome
The Pavilion Symphony = The Pastoral Symphony

The inspiration and thought process behind an EPCOT time-travel attraction was a mixture of a lot of components. For one...we had never really had an EPCOT challenge before. We've had projects that wanted the competitors to try and create pavilions that evoke the classic EPCOT feel...but rarely if ever had we actually been in EPCOT Center when creating the pavilions.

That - and Challenge 2 of Season 1 of The Sorcerer's Apprentice was a based around Epcot, so we thought it would be a fun easter egg to have both first projects be homages to Season 2 and Season 1 respectfully with the timeline of challenges.

This, and some of my favorite projects have revolved around Epcot and designing pavilions for them. It's a nice contrast between having a ton of possibilities in Fantasyland, to now having to deal with not only a certain time period, but a very unique theme park with specific themes and goals unlike very many in the world.

With an emphasis less on elaborate backstories and more on inspirations behind ideas and goals, as well as tossing in corporate sponsors into the pavilions, and an emphasis on also including a cultural component with World Showcase in the 1980s, that was the thought process behind EPCOT Center as Stanza II.

Below will be some attractions I've designed in the past and ways I think they could have been 'plussed' (and some things that were included in the team projects themselves in Stanza II that did just that!​


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Stanza II: The Pavilion Symphony
Projects Behind The Stanza (Part 1)

The Ocean Pavilion
Presented by United Technologies

(from Episode 7 of The Sole Imagineer Season 2: Redemption Island hosted by @RMichael21)
by spacemt354


Re-opening in 2021 to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, The Ocean Pavilion will be the third itineration of the aquatic pavilion at Epcot that opened its original doors in 1986. Transcending from the thematic inclusion of Nemo and Friends, the new pavilion seeks to merge the sense of discovery and adventure that the original Living Seas possessed, and couple it with a distinct flare. Given the recent release of the Disney film Captain Nemo in the late 2010s, going into the new decade, Jules Verne’s 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea emerged as a popular Disney brand once again. While the original attraction at the Magic Kingdom could not be replicated, the story could continue on in a different direction. Much like Horizons was intended to be a sequel to the Carousel of Progress, The Ocean Pavilion will be a sequel to the 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea attraction, by venturing towards the depths of our world’s oceans to explore the unknown.

The Ocean Pavilion Layout

The blueprint above outlines the façade of the Ocean Pavilion. Remaining structurally the same as before, only interior elements of the pavilion will be adjusted to fit the new story.

As guests walk through the main entrance they will queue for the omnimover dark ride “Ocean Oasis” – a breathtaking visual attraction as you launch from a sunken ship and voyage down to the lowest points in the known ocean to uncover the mysteries of the deep. Once the attraction concludes, you journey towards the oceanic research facility structured in a futuristic setting to illustrate the advancements in aquatic animal research, deep sea exploration, and the uncharted territories of our oceans.

Guests can also dine in our nautically themed restaurant replacing the Coral Reef entitled The Nautilus, themed and named after Captain Nemo’s submarine. Observe the serenity of fish swimming around in the tank to your side, as you take in the ambiance of this elegant Future World restaurant.

Entrance Mural

Replacing the Finding Nemo themed mural on the side of the pavilion as you queue for Ocean Oasis will be a large scale illustration of one of the famous scenes of the giant squid attacking the Nautilus amid the depths of the ocean. A foreboding sight for what’s to come, but one that also entices the guests to find out more about what lies within…

Ocean Oasis
This slow moving dark ride takes you on a voyage to the depths of our oceans, exploring the mysteries and excitement within

Interactive Queue

As you enter through the Stand-By or Fastpass+ Queue, you are immediately immersed in the story of the pavilion.

Utilizing futuristic technology that allows scientists and adventurers alike to travel to the darkest depths of the ocean, a scientific exploration camp has been built in a sunken ship buried in the Abyssopelagic Zone – roughly 6,000 m below sea level in the Pacific Ocean. The missions have been traveling to the Hadalpelagic Zone and beyond, to discover the unknown of the ocean as well as help preserve the beauty of our underwater treasures.

Walking through the sunken ship you see the stunning visual of the ocean glistening over you. You enter the ship’s algae eroded library and several interactive elements allow guests to be entertained by touching the books, and gazing out at projection fish through the windows. Guests with a sharp eye will notice, hidden in the library, is a novel entitled “The Society of Explorers and Adventurers”

You then travel through the captain’s quarters, and towards the loading area.

Loading Area

You approach the ship’s main lobby where your pods await to venture to the depths of the ocean. On the walls you see murals and illustrations indicating a possible heritage of the sunken ship. The ride vehicles are themed to oceanic rover pods that are capable of withstanding the immense pressure of the ocean floor. Guests approach the walkway towards the vehicles as the lap bar comes down and you leave the ship to explore the ocean.

Your tour through the ocean depths is narrated by Jeremy Irons.

Scene 1 – Light to Dark

Your pods are surrounded by projected screens that mimic a descent to lower levels of the ocean as you see sunlight glistening from above and descend into further darkness.

Narrator: “An ocean of knowledge and discover lies under the tempest crests of waves that sway around the earth. Our watery planet holds vast treasures of discovery and imagination that have intrigued man since the beginning of time.

Existing for four and a half billion years, the oceans have shaped the world, raising and lowering mountains, and creating a sediment below the waves of a geological record of time on earth. As we dive down deeper into the ocean, we hope to find a new alien world, teeming with discovery and opportunity.”

Scene 2 – Coral

On your descent, you level out temporarily to interact with a variety of audio animatronic sea creatures in a coral reef setting.

Narrator: “Amid the ever expansive world under our ocean, we encounter creatures of the deep in their natural habitat, adapting to the pressure changes and alien ecosystem of their environment”

Scene 3 – Angler Fish

As you descend, pressures rise, and the lights dim, revealing the angler fish

Narrator: “In the aphotic zone of the ocean, we are approaching blackness, lost from the known world, and on a voyage into the unknown. Species such as the angler fish have genetically adapted to the dim light with the accessibility of light to guide them around in their exploration.

Scene 4 –Blue Whale

A loud bellow can be heard, almost as if a submarine was approaching, but out of the watery image you can see your pods near a cliff of seaweed and coral as a giant animatronic whale beckons from the distance.

Narrator: “A giant of the sea, the Blue Whale is a symbol of the mighty ocean. These mammals breed our imagination to discover what other immense creatures does the deep dark ocean inhabit?

Scene 5 – Giant Squid

Red tentacles flow out from the dark shadows of the water and it is then reveals to be a giant squid animatronic, similar to the squid in 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Narrator: “These mesmerizing yet terrifying creatures, giant squid inhabit the most exotic and alien worlds of the ocean.”

Scene 6 – The Ocean Floor

Your pods enter pitch black and after a brief narration, all is silent as you gaze out on the lunar ocean floor surface

Narrator: Approaching the bottom of the ocean floor, you look out at the landscape. The dark, cold, pressurized land…yet with all of its ailments, there is still life, finding a way and adapting to the pressure and silence of the sea.

Scene 7/8 – The Ocean Oasis

You emerge from the ocean floor and begin to rise to a more light sensitive area and see a colorful array of fish and aquatic plants teeming in the distance

Narrator: “Out of the depths, there are areas that we still need to learn. Need to research and enthrall ourselves with the majesty that lives under the ocean. This is a populous world, and its our job into the future in order to do as much as we can to preserve and protect this beautiful ecosystem.”

Scene 9 – Hydrulators

As you begin to ascend even further, a subtle nod to the original pavilion is performed as bubbles surround your pods and demonstrate the “hydrulator” effect, this time ascending to the Oceanic Laboratory.

Narrator: After exploring the sea, voyaging into the unknown, and coming to terms with the true nature of the ocean, it’s our opportunity to bridge the gap heading into the future, and help protect, our ocean oasis

Your pods proceed to the unload area which is connected to the Oceanic Laboratory.

Oceanic Laboratory

The interactive post show area, formally known as Sea Base Alpha, has been redesigned to resemble a futuristic marine laboratory. As you walk in you see dive tanks taking scuba divers into the large aquarium tank inside the pavilion, and interactive exhibits including a show called “Pacific” which elaborates on the eclectic species that populate our largest ocean.


Most of the animal shelter exhibits will remain relatively the same, because in any sort of realistic refurbishment to the pavilion, the animal habitats wouldn’t be tampered with or removed, rather the thematic elements around them would.

With that said, the Manatee exhibit, the Dolphin show, and the exotic coral reef stations will remain in place, only given an overlay of being a futuristic research laboratory instead of based on Finding Nemo themes.

Pacific Interactive Theater Show

This family friendly interactive show explores the nature of the creatures of the deep Pacific. Follow your guide, Donny Dolphin, a futuristic talking dolphin, as he shows you the ocean and interacts with you in the process. This show creates an atmosphere where guests feel as if they are part of the story and are able to have input into how the attraction plays out. Check your times guide for details.

The Nautilus

The nautically themed restaurant based on Captain Nemo’s submarine The Nautilus, serves lunch and dinner daily in a relaxing, quaint setting, replacing the Coral Reef restaurant and updating the menu to offer a more eclectic sampling of fish including swordfish, oysters, clams, and more!

The Nautilus - Captain's Quarters

For special occasions, dine in the exclusive Captain Quarters, themed to Captain Nemo's dining room on the submarine as seen in the film. Euqipped with a wide variety of props and thematic backdrops that make you feel like you are truly 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, be sure to check this out!

WIth The Land Pavilion next door, and the west side of Future World putting more of an emphasis on exploring and aesthetically beautiful locations, the Ocean Pavilion is the perfect match of Epcot futurism as well as the sense of adventure the current iteration of the pavilion is lacking. It will put the pavilion back on the map in a way never before seen! Thanks for reading and we'll see you soon!​


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Self-Assessment (After 2+ Years;))

The Prompt
For this challenge, our 7 remaining castaways will be creating a new experience at the current "The Seas with Nemo and Friends" pavilion at Epcot. You can do anything! The only requirements are that you must remove the Nemo IP from the attraction(s) and must keep the shell of the current show building. You may keep the Sea idea or replace the entire thing with something new.

- First thing I do is read the prompt a few times. Which is the tactic I always use to find loopholes and/or make sure I'm following the prompt exactly
- My thought process I remember was stuck on the notion that the 'shell of the current show building' had to be kept. Which to my thought process at the time (since this was an individual challenge) was...welp...there's a giant fish tank, so I guess I have to keep the Seas theme, even though you could have changed the theme.

- Looking back, I wish I spent more time coming up with a way to work around the Seas and that emphasis on keeping the building shell. This is why I keep stressing to not throw away ideas so quickly in my reviews of your projects!! Why? Because I used to make that mistake! :p

- I ended up not winning this project, and I chalk it up to jumping full bore into a concept for the Seas without thinking of other possibilities. As soon as I read that the shell had to remain, I simply disregarded any other possibilities other than the Seas with a new spin. Or, perhaps, just subjectivity of judgment just liking another project better. Probably a combo of both though.

- And looking back I don't like the 20K vibe at all. But I remember thinking at the time that I would get slammed if I basically just recreated The Living Seas from The Seas with Nemo and I tried to give it a new spin with a 20K touch, which since this took place in current day...I was thinking it could have been like a next generation of the subs, similar to how Horizons is a next generation of Carousel of Progress.

- The few things I do like about it (and notice I remain consistent in my reviews the other day) in that I love little realistic the VIP Lounge in the blueprint, the maintenance areas, the assurance that I am following the prompt specifically keeping the shell in tact, etc.

- And I do like to try and have, if I can, everything custom. It might not be the best artwork at points in time, but if I can withhold using reference photos from google, and make it my own, I will take that door each time (that being...if I have the time to do it which sometimes is impossible)

- I also wish I had music...which is why I required it in Stanza is so crucial to Epcot and I can't believe I missed it here. :(

- Also one last easter egg...if you notice the entrance queue mural is the old Maelstrom mural. ;) Figured with it going away (this was in 2016) hey...they could reuse it somehow with this pavilion.


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Stanza II: The Pavilion Symphony
Projects Behind The Stanza (Part 2)

The iMagination Pavilion
Sponsored by Apple Inc.

(from A Twist in Time Finale hosted by @tcool123 )
by spacemt354

One little spark, one simple idea...

Creative thinking and imagination are paramount to both Apple, and the progress of the world we live in. Here at Epcot, imagination is a core principle in the park's design and message to its guests. To dream big, and create the future for yourself and for generations to come.

However, over the last decade, Epcot's Imagination Pavilion went through some changes (or lack thereof) that resulted in the pavilion's demise and deterioration from what it once was. The original concept of Journey Into Imagination was a shell of its former self. Dilapidated and worn down, the second floor Image Works was abandoned, and the theater show, left outdated until its removal as well.

Once a crown jewel of Epcot, there is nothing in the Imagination Pavilion that entices guests to head over to that section of Future World West. Until late 2016, when in a surprising turn of events, Robert Iger and the rest of the Walt Disney negotiating team, toured the pavilion and noticed its abandonment. Due to an expected drop in attendance at Epcot at the end of the term, WDI finally woke up and realized that something needed to be done to the pavilion (and Future World as a whole) to ensure that the park lives on. It had been neglected for too long. As soon as the damage was assessed, Disney Imagineering got a call that they would need to design a pavilion with Apple Inc. - a move that was spurred on by the negotiating skills of the Disney team.

This new sponsor in Apple was an encouraging sign for the pavilion, as Apple (already having their foot in the door with Disney) saw it as an opportunity to have a permanent home to showcase their innovation to one of the most visited theme parks in the world (despite the dropping attendance). WDI and Apple soon began working together on a groundbreaking new pavilion for Epcot.

With a budget of $110 Million Dollars, from joint shares of Apple Inc. and Disney - the iMagination Pavilion was underway.

The Story
From 1999 till the present day, the Figment of Imagination, Dreamfinder, and more of the characters that used to inhabit the pavilion, haven't been as successful in the parks as it was in the early days of Epcot and the original incarnation of Journey into Imagination. The concept itself, while nostalgic and paramount to Epcot lore, wasn't gelling with the Apple executives who insisted that the main attraction of the pavilion needs to be updated past the original ideas. A 4th edition of a Figment attraction wasn't sitting well, and thus Figment, while still an aspect of the pavilion (which will be seen later on) will be removed from the premiere attraction.

Apple wanted to invest and immerse the guests in a new age futuristic expedition using their products (some current day - some experimental), to give the guests an opportunity to use their imagination, and create their own ride experience. Apple and Disney wanted to envelop guests in their own adventures, giving them the tools to use their own creativity to interact with their environment rather than be a non-participant in a passive atmosphere.

Essentially, the entire pavilion is interactive - and sprawling with imagination. The theme of the pavilion is essentially...building the future, one little spark at a time. With top designs from Apple, and the imagineering of Disney - the iMagination Pavilion will be one of the best aspects of Future World for decades to come.

The iMagination Pavilion itself will have several different components:

- Createoscope - a 3D immersive dark ride where you design and create your own different environments to explore. You enter the iOS Labs and meet the SPARK tech team of researchers who have designed virtual reality rooms in succession to test the mind and try out new ideas. Using a new Apple Video 3D glasses, you'll be able to touch, tap, swirl, and spin your creations around you using literature, art, and musical elements along the way.

- Figment: A Disney Kingdoms Special - Based on the newly successful comic book line of the classic Disney characters, Figment and Dreamfinder, you embark on a quest through the imaginative realm to stop the infamous Chairman from taking over London with his nefarious schemes. 20 minute continuous shows

- The iThink Activity Zone: The 2nd floor of iMagination is re-opened as an interactive area with exhibits exploring a wide range of innovation and elements of imagination. (More details later)

If You'd Like To Read The Full Project...


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The Prompt
Welcome time travelers to the far off year of 2016. We are here at Future World, at the headquarters for Imaginers aka the Odyssey. I have gathered you three here today in preparation for the coming of Iger, Chapek, Weiss, and the board. They personally contacted me to gather the three best imagineers (besides Baxter and Rhode) the company had to offer, and let them go crazy with a project that would inject life into the empty shell that is Future World. They have given us till the end of November to have something ready for them, in order to meet the deadline each of you imagineers will be assigned two of the six pavilions that they have deemed need help. Those pavilions are :
- Spaceship Earth/Innoventions
- The Imagination Pavilion
- The Land Pavilion
- The Seas with Nemo and Friends
- The Universe of Energy*
- The Wonder of Life Pavilion*
* = theme may change to how you see fit, if you wish to change theme you will need to announce it here prior. However that is only if you don't have control over the two pavilions that theme may change. This so we don't have two pavilions of the same theme.

- First -- re-reading the prompt a couple times. I remember as soon as I saw this (and the three finalists had to select which ones they would do...I was like (this was also in 2016) okay - I am doing Wonders of Life. Boom done. I also had the first pick I think, so Wonders of Life was an easy first pick for me. It's up my alley 100%.

The second pick was the hardest one though...and I ended up going with Imagination. Which to me is one of the hardest pavilions to retheme because you have one of the most iconic characters in Disney history as the mascot for it -- Figment.'s popular in the armchair-imagineering circles to bring Figment back and the Dreamfinder. do you keep Imagination but also not have it be a repeat?

I ended up taking this as a challenge to myself...and luckily I did not jump head first into the concept...I actually finished the Wonders of Life first before even starting this one, because I wanted to make sure the idea was solid.

For a sponsor I ended up choosing Apple (this might have been because I just saw the Steve Jobs movie at that time) but I thought their rainbow designs of the 80s could blend in nicely with Imagination...and that they are a creative tech company with ties to Disney.

After that I thought...well what if the whole pavilion and its signature attraction focused on Apple products (kind of like Test Track and GM cars) what if the new dark ride had new Apple patents in it? And strayed away from Figment? That could be fun.

So that is where the idea came from...and to be honest I ended up liking this one a lot.

The few things I would change about it ---

- Better illustrations (I rushed more than half of them...I'd rather have 3 good ones than 10 okay ones)
- I actually wish I cut Figment entirely. I feel like I shoehorned him in because at the time I felt like he needed to be there somehow, but I feel like Apple as a brand could truly take over the whole pavilion...and instead of a Figment show it could have been like a Magic Journeys ...but Apple based tech involved. Figment and Dreamfinder could have become characters near a post-show or something for imagination, in a SMRT-1 role or something like that.

But...including Figment in this was actually the inspiration behind the Figment comic sections for each Stanza...and if you notice the Dreamship is at a similar angle as it is in the comic pages included in the project above! An easter egg to this project in fact!


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Stanza II: The Pavilion Symphony
Projects Behind The Stanza (Part 3)

Wonders of Life
Sponsored by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

(from A Twist in Time Finale hosted by @tcool123 )
by spacemt354

Since Epcot's inception, there was always a plan for a pavilion on the Human Body in Future World - and since 2007 - that plan has been dormant and absent from the promenade, replaced with a Festival Center for various special events in the park. When the announcement and plan for a rejuvenated Epcot became a reality - much research and homework was done to ensure that the imagineers had a background in the pavilions that they were dealing with - in particular the Wonders of Life due to its history.

The midway of the body and fitness fairground theme of the Wonders of Life became a dated and abandoned concept once METLife pulled its sponsorship of the pavilion - and the pavilion as a whole suffered as a result. Not only that, but during its run from 1989-2007 - its premiere attraction, Body Wars, was compared inferior to Star Tours, and garnered a reputation for causing motion sickness due to its jerky simulator motion, and claustrophobia being inside the Human Body. While during its run, the pavilion wasn't as mainstream popular compared to other Epcot Pavilions - in its decayed and transformed state - it has garnered a lot of nostalgia and love, seeing how it had been treated since its departure from the Epcot attractions lineup. Seeing the Body Wars murals covered up and all the "abandoned" videos on the internet - it needs some love and affection. Epcot needs a pavilion based on life and heath - as it was always designed to have. However, this new Wonders of Life Pavilion will not be a midway carnival of the body - and instead will be a living, breathing edutainment pavilion on human health designed as a research dome.

The new Wonders of Life Pavilion will be inspired by the research centers at college and university affiliated hospitals, and the interior will be designed as if it is a 365 days a year "open house" for guests to enter and visit the research center for themselves. With the help and assisted funding of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield - this $220 Million Dollar renovation and expansion project was plausible


From the early conception of the new pavilion, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and WDI were motivated to change up the ambiance of the pavilion - and modernize the original 80s design.

Following the numbers on the rough original sketch from WDI above:

The front part of the pavilion would have a facelift - bringing back the DNA tower, but in a much more elaborate way. Instead of just having the DNA tower - there will be two DNA strands going through what is called "semiconservative replication"

Essentially, this new stature out front will be symbolic of the ever changing nature of life - and how we evolve and grow over time. Life is not a stationary being - it is something that is constantly changing - and this new icon is a testament to that.

Furthermore, the show building elements of the pavilion will be expanded upon - so much so that westward facing show building will be visible from the entrance. The visible aspect of the show building will be touted with a chromatic covering to look like an extension off of a hospital or other medical research facility. At night - it will glow and illuminate along with the dome aspect of the pavilion - making the pavilion as a whole more unique and prominent in Future World East. The trees that used to cover it will be trimmed and new smaller bushes and plants will be in their place so the full reveal of the pavilion can be seen as you walk up.

An aerial perspective showing the expanded range of the new show building and the surrounding buildings of the Universe of Energy and Mission: Space. **Note that this is an early rendition - the actual blueprints have a show building extension on the right side of the building as well - as will be seen in future blueprints.

A rough look inside of the pavilion - showing the new layout and design. It is called the "Right Atrium" as a pun on words for the fact that it is an atrium - but also the right atrium as an aspect of the human heart. The "CNS" - or Central Nervous System - is a new spinal cord in the center of the building, which has an elevator system in it, taking guests from the 1st and 2nd floors.

The Pavilion - while it always had two floors + offices - will have a prominent two floors now. As you walk inside - you will enter truly on a second floor (similar to the Land Pavilion) with attractions on both the 1st and 2nd floors as will be noted below.

As you enter on the 2nd Floor of the Pavilion - you can either veer to the left or right to separate attractions, or go down the ramp/escalator to the 1st Floor. You can then meander around the pavilion, and walk across "the artery" breezeway or "the vein" breezeway - connected to the central nervous system in the center of the pavilion with the elevator taking you down to the 1st floor.

The areas of interest on the 2nd Floor are:

Intracellular - A dark ride hybrid roller coaster type attraction where you are shrunk down to a microscopic level to fix a damaged mitochondria.
Inner Life of the Cell - a 20 minute planetarium style show that illustrates the intricacies of the human cell.

The areas of interest on the 1st Floor are:

The Pediatric Wing - a kid-friendly area about emotions and senses in the body
The Psychology Department - a sprawling vista of mazes, brain games, and other interactive elements.
Health and Wellness Zone - a healthy habit center complete with different aerobic and physical fitness elements.
The Synapse - a table-service restaurant themed to healthy eating.

If You'd Like To Read The Full Project...


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The Prompt
Welcome time travelers to the far off year of 2016. We are here at Future World, at the headquarters for Imaginers aka the Odyssey. I have gathered you three here today in preparation for the coming of Iger, Chapek, Weiss, and the board. They personally contacted me to gather the three best imagineers (besides Baxter and Rhode) the company had to offer, and let them go crazy with a project that would inject life into the empty shell that is Future World. They have given us till the end of November to have something ready for them, in order to meet the deadline each of you imagineers will be assigned two of the six pavilions that they have deemed need help. Those pavilions are :
- Spaceship Earth/Innoventions
- The Imagination Pavilion
- The Land Pavilion
- The Seas with Nemo and Friends
- The Universe of Energy*
- The Wonder of Life Pavilion*
* = theme may change to how you see fit, if you wish to change theme you will need to announce it here prior. However that is only if you don't have control over the two pavilions that theme may change. This so we don't have two pavilions of the same theme.

With the Wonders of Life -- it is something I have wanted to remodel forever...and something I tried to do back in 2015, but just never had the time to properly realize it. Even with a longer due date for this...I still felt like I rushed the detail on this one. I will probably be harder on myself for this more than iMagination because this one I have a background in.

For starters I have no idea why I did this....but on the first page I included my brainstorming notes for how I came up with the project.


Probably could have left all that out. Can't read most of it -- it's my chicken scratch...and it really serves no purpose. That is why in reviews for SA...I'm tough on unnecessary things in the opening paragraph or so.

As you are making these have to consider the reader who is reviewing it. You want to ensure that you're not just blabbing on for it to make sense for you...but as someone reading it for the first time.

Adding this might make sense saying - oh here's my thought process...but sometimes it bogs down projects right from the beginning. I'd always consider striving to immerse the reader as if you are transporting them to the the 'behind the scenes stuff for threads like this! Or for challenges that require it. But if the challenge does not require makes no sense.

While reading the first chapter of Harry Potter J.K Rowling doesn't reveal her thought process behind coming up with the's just a that is something I should have done better.

Side-note I just realized I find it funny how two separate comps with two separate prompts...both contained the word 'shell' in them :hilarious:
Moving on.

Obviously I tried to use my bio background as a strength...with puns like the 'right atrium' as the lobby (*laughs to himself*) among others. That is probably why I liked @D Hindley 's (I believe it was you iirc) on Team Brava's Microverse project with the quick service 'Periodic Tables'... I love puns and goofy titles like that. :p

This also would have cost a fortune. I guess budget was not in my mind, but it is essentially an expansion of the current pavilion with a roller coaster and theater, from the festival pavilion it is now. So that would have been costly, but favorite concept was probably just the design of it...I think it had a decent layout and offerings for both adults and kids alike. Some thrills for teens as well.


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Stanza II: The Pavilion Symphony
Projects Behind The Stanza (Part 4)

World Showcase Pavilion Concepts

Fun fact - Stanza II was originally created to be simply a Future World Pavilion and nothing more. However, when the Program Guide for Stanza II was posted @S.P.E.W had asked for an overview of World Showcase as well. And if I'm going to do the research on it, I went back through looking at past projects.

My main hesitation to including it was that it has been done so many times in the past. The Sole Imagineer Season 1 and The Creator Games Season 1 to name a few. However, it had never been done, like the Future World Pavilion, having to take into account time travel to 1985...when Norway was not built yet and political and economic climates of countries were different.

And thus - a World Showcase Pavilion was added on for Stanza II. And after adding it on and seeing the teams, I think that was a good thing...because some on teams decided to focus on the World Showcase Pavilion while others did the Future World Pavilion - it offered two options to choose from essentially. Some ended up doing both, which I tip my internet hat to you for.

When looking back -- some of the concepts that drew inspiration for ...hey, this might not be too bad of an option for the teams.

In 50 for the 50th -- I wanted to try and adda new waterfront dining option to the Germany Pavilion -- as I think waterfront dining is pretty cool.

And it turns out so do most of you based on the concepts! :)


In The Sole Imagineer - there was actually a project that was designed extremely similar to what eventually became the Ratatouille dark ride in the France Pavilion. An extremely similar location.

With the rumors of a new World Showcase Pavilion coming - we thought it would be fun to see if another repeat of that could occur with a similar ride design being added in real life that was similar to your designs.

The Actual Upcoming Layout


The Imagineered Layout from The Sole Imagineer Season 1
(January 2015)

and last but not least...

The Brazil Pavilion

This was actually touched on with a few teams in the brainstorming - but I can see why you didn't want to go with it and instead we got 3 pavilions never before seen really!

That being said - the realism of a new World Showcase Pavilion coming to EPCOT (especially during the 1980s) was all part in parcel behind the ultimate decision to add it to the prompt.​


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Stanza III: Dance of the Hotels

Behind The Scenes

To begin, Dance of the Hotels = Dance of the Hours. Which was not selected as the title inspiration by accident. Especially since it's a resort hotel challenge! Have a listen.:)

WDW Today Resort TV Music

Subtle detail...but since it's included in the Resort TV music loop played in Walt Disney World DVC Resorts, it felt like a fitting title!

The inspiration behind it being located in New York City mostly stemmed from the fact that we wanted to take the Stanza somewhere 'new'. A majority of imagineering projects take place within theme park resorts (Disney and Universal more often than now, with some other parks mixed in occasionally) which makes sense...but what if the location was for what you're goal is of the project, and the prompt enabled you to feasibly be able to be outside of theme parks?

Thus the concept of a shareholders meeting on Wall Street came to be! With the emphasis on a new DVC Resort, which is something @MonorailRed and myself had been trying to do for a while, in particular with the Yacht & Beach Club DVC idea we had for some time. We didn't want the 'somewhere new' aspect to feel too forced, but hotels and resorts are all around the world! So allowing the teams enough freedom to go to major US cities/destinations or international cities/Disney Resorts to build their new offering, opened up a ton of possibilities that really have not been explored before in imagineering competitions!


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Stanza III: Dance of the Hotels
Project Behind The Stanza

Crescent Lake Bungalows
Given the plethora of upgrades coming to both Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios over the next 5 years and the Disney Skyliner station at Epcot's International Gateway (just to the right of the image above), more guests, especially DVC guests, will want to be centrally located near those parks. The issue is that both the Boardwalk DVC and the Beach Club DVC are already some of the most popular venues and more capacity is needed to accommodate the influx of potential guests coming in the next half decade.

Due to the minimal use of Crescent Lake for anything other than a mode of transportation via Friendship Boats, the Yacht Club Marina will be reduced in its fleet capacity, with boats only on reserve for the Illuminations Firework Viewing parties. The rest of the former marina and beachfront side of the Beach Club side will both be inhabited by a grand total of 21 bungalows, ranging from 2-3 bedroom grand villas holding up to 12 guests.


This was a concept @MonorailRed and I go back at least 2+ years on to the beginning of 2016...and it has changed over time from exclusively a Yacht Club DVC wing (to compare to the Beach Club DVC Wing), shown below, to the bungalows shown above.

DVC Resorts (even partial ones which is why we gave the option in the prompt) offer a unique spin and what is usually just a challenge titled 'design a new WDW Resort' or something like that.
Having the DVC component to it - you have to take into account... timeshares. And those resorts are locations for guests a part of an (expensive) membership club. What locations would be suitable for those types of guests if the DVC Resorts were to expand? As shown with Aulani -- which is a partial DVC - the lure of Hawaii is a prime spot within the US for DVC members to say -- "I'd go there for a week or so"...or "I'd make that my home resort".

And with your new DVC Resort - those same questions should be answered with your location choice! Which makes it slightly more complicated but overall makes you think a little bit too! :cool:


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Stanza III: Dance of the Hotels
Projects Within The Stanza (Part 1)

Palisades Amusement Park Retrospective
1898 - 1971

This is a park I've been fascinated about ever since I found out about it because if you look at the location today - it's as if it never existed. It's an apartment complex on the cliffs over the Hudson River looking towards Manhattan. But before it became that it used to be one of the most popular classic amusement parks in the Northeast. And even a fan site dedicated to it

Park Overview and Location



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