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The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Season 3 - Discussion Thread


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This thread is a place for contestants and bystanders to chat about the competition. You can get to know your teams, or have a little good natured smack talk. This is just a fun place to talk about the contest without slowing down the main thread. Just remember, though...
  • The thread is public so the other team(s) can see what you and your teammates discuss.
  • If you do talk smack, do it respectfully and jestingly.
  • Following on the last point, don't take anything too seriously. It is just a game, and it is just fun.
  • Keep everything good natured.
So go ahead and discuss! :)


One Little Spark...
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Also, does anyone find it so hilarious that there's now 5 different competition threads active? It's becoming a pain to pick out which one you want to go to. :p
Just wait till next year and the tiers. ;)

This is a perfect example why the tiers are a good idea though, imho.


One Little Spark...
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Oh wow...sounds like a transformer just exploded (it makes a rather distinctive sound) in the neighborhood next to me.

We had a bad storm come through earlier.

And there goes another one...hope I don't lose power!

No, not this:


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