The Redhead is changing....


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I said real men don't skip leg day and thus can't fit into skinny jeans. You offer a few pictures of a guy working his legs.

Are you agreeing with me or do you have pics of him in skinny jeans??
I said their names because skinny jeans have been staples of their style... one has his own clothing line.
If your google search is ya go-

Whew, so much for lighthearted


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Yes, men should stop wearing skinny jeans and go back to manly tough guy things, like princess- and cartoon-filled theme parks.

Odd, I go there to not only enjoy the attractions, but to enjoy quality time with my kids. That's what men/fathers do. That's why the whole thing was created by Walt. Nice try though.

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The Redhead as we knew her is gone. She was killed by the SJW PC mobs.

May she RIP.

In her stead we now have a truly god-awful scene about auctioning off...::sigh::...chickens.


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How long before the guns are removed, maybe even the skeletons. While we're at it, HM is very morbid, I'm sure someone is offended there. It makes me ill.
It really has become quite sad. In terms of the Pirates ride, Pirates by and large were criminals, so the original scene while not "nice" wasn't out of character.

When you look at Mansion, Hall of Presidents, Splash Mountain, it seems there are reasons to change etc.
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