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The Redhead is changing....


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Your "seeing women as objects" argument goes out the window when the cast of the attraction SEES...WOMEN...AS...OBJECTS.
It's the whole point...They...are...pirates.

If this was "God Fearing Mid-Westerners of the Caribbean" (GFMWotC) then we have some room to work with not seeing women as objects, but since it is Pirates of the Caribbean, we have some established parameters we need to work within.

I'm not arguing the point. I'm just posting all the points I've heard from others. I agree that they are pirates, and that what they do...but I also see how other people perceive, and can agree with that.

Also, like I said in the CONS, its ruining a cautionary tale by removing something cautionary so it becomes about people who get drunk and steal hats ;)

Either way, it's being done and it's out of our hands so ::shrugs::
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What about this new version is 'better'? What better message does it send to kids? Both scene versions and themes of the attraction are depicting pirate crimes.
You can't see the difference between looting/drinking and selling women???


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So then I guess we have to change it to It's A Small World to keep from offending anyone because by these filters you cannot even have a Pirate attraction in any form. And while we are at it we should also close the Haunted Mansion because now that my Grandfather died, death makes me uncomfortable and it is not to be laughed at...
And Cinderella was basically a slave to her stepmother and sisters...see that would not at all be a fun story if Cinderella was black and the stepmother and sisters were white.
And actually Belle was imprisoned against her will, so presumably she was going to be raped and brutalized by the beast...so that is not a fun story either.... We can keep going until there is nothng left but Elena of Avalor and Ducktales...

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I dont think the husbands in The Haunted Mansion were too into having their head chopped off by their murderous wife either. Should they remove that too?
Actually? No. Serial killers, particularly female ones, are fascinating to the general public. It's easy to look up. Lucy Worsley did a great series on the subject. Have a peek.


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You keep repeating yourself over an assumption of something I never said

I said both are crimes. If gender equality is the issue, I'd much rather see the women stand up to the pirates, not join them and be complicit for the sake of "equality"
Well 1 is a crime of property, the other is a crime against another human. You can replace your house and belongings but you can't undo what was done to someone.
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