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News The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom to close this summer


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really talk did anyone ever do that?


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Sad to see this leaving. We did this a couple of times with my oldest grandson. We were looking forward to taking the other grandchildren as they got old enough to do this.


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I know that is a small space but I wonder if they could ever expand and put in restaurant like Blue Bayou. I mean I have no idea how that would be possible but I think it would be cool.

Hank Hill

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I always liked seeing the kids who did this running around in the park. Kind of fun. Sorry to see it go.

We took my son to do it before a Halloween party when he was 4. He just didn't want anything on his face though. So after about 15 minutes of working with him and him refusing, we decided that just wasn't something he was going to do. They CM working there was great, and didn't charge us, which was nice. We did tip him though.
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