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Trip Report THE ONE WITH THE CREW AT CHRISTMAS; December 21-28, 2018 **COMPLETE**

When I returned from our vacation I had the “Disney bug”. You know, when you feel tired and blah and listless? Then you vomit. Oh wait...
Turned out it was more of a flu bug....
I was off wdw magic for a couple weeks then I started up again at a feverish pace (see what i did there?). There are so many great trip reports to read! So here is another (trip report, not sure if it will be great. It is my first😎)

For those of you who did not read my pre trip, don’t bother. You will catch on/up.

Who went:
Husband Ant
Sons: X 19, AJ 15, Dre 13
FIL or Gpa
Their children, my nephews A 22, JJ 15, and niece Ash 20

Let’s do this!

We had a group reservation flying Southwest from our local airport to Tampa on Friday, December 21st. Why Tampa? $$$$
It was a 7:30 flight so the kids all went to school and I cleaned the house. I always clean before a trip because I hate coming home to a dirty house but this time I really cleaned. My son has a team mate who lives in Maryland and he and his family were going to NYC for a few days and their place to stay fell through. The mom and I get along really well so she asked if her party of six could stay with us. Perfect timing as we will not be home so they could have the place to themselves.
Did I mention I have 3 boys? I spent the day CLEANING!!!

Then we dropped off this guy

Ate some pizza with my Father in law

Loaded these:

Into here:

And we were on our way.

Not the best pix but you get the idea.

The airport is about 13 minutes from our house so we made it there in about 10. My husband is the WORST driver!!!


My FIL was in a wheelchair because his knees are garbage. My son was on a knee scooter with a broken foot. SIL just got cleared from her broken hip. And when it was time to pick up the pizza my husband was on the phone. I was giving him “the look” to get off so we could keep to our schedule. Turns out it was his doctor. Ant had tripped on one of the dog’s bones

And tore tendons in his ankle. I had ordered a scooter for my FIL and gave everyone else a last chance for me to add on to the order. All declined and we headed for security and our gate.

FIL and AJ got pre boarding and they could each take one person with them. My husband and his brother went with strict orders to save us seats. The lady who issued the pre boarding passes messed up however and Ant had two boarding passes while AJ had none.
This would be a common theme as we had 3 Alexanders, 2 Anthonys, 2 Johns and a partridge in a pear tree.

We managed to get it sorted out and got on and left without incident.


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I finally am all caught up, and am flabbergasted by the dvc response on the FW cruise! We've been toying with the idea of joining at some point in the future, but that customer service sounds awful and inexcusable. Good for you though to overcome the disappointment and still enjoy it - not so sure I would have been able to


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I finally am all caught up, and am flabbergasted by the dvc response on the FW cruise! We've been toying with the idea of joining at some point in the future, but that customer service sounds awful and inexcusable. Good for you though to overcome the disappointment and still enjoy it - not so sure I would have been able to
Thank you. I am a little at a loss as to dvc’s reaction. I wish there were human dvc representatives at the parks/resorts we could talk to. The ones in the sales booths are just there to make sales appointments. They have no power.


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Day 8/ Dec 28 cont

Now for the main courses.

Ant went with shrimp and grits:


Did he like it? You tell me...

A went with some fried chicken. Yum!

Dre went with a burger. Yawn but he liked it (not as much as the burger from the Mara though)

Ash got a salad? At least there is chicken on it!

The chicken sandwich. So good. SIL and X got this. X was seated next to me so I was given a taste, albeit a small one!

There was also this cuban sandwich, but I dont recall who had it or if he liked it. My FIL I think.

What did I get???
Oh people, heed my warning!!!!
Dumbest thing ever!!!

What is Homecomin’ known for? Fried chicken. I usually get the deviled eggs and the thigh high biscuits. But both were ordered as an appetizer so I thought I would branch out a bit.
I love catfish! Love it, but rarely eat it. If Art can make fried chicken taste so good imagine what he could do with catfish!

It was so bad! Bland and flavorless (which I realize are the same thing). That corn there, its suppose to be succotash. Where’s the cream and the lima beans and the fat and the flavor???
I ate two bites then waited patiently for X to give me his scraps.

What a dope I am sometimes.


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Day 8/ Dec 28 cont

Our server informed us we had 4 table service meals remaining (they were the chicken finger meals taken off our bill in San Angel. 2 meals at 2TSC per meal.) so we should order dessert. Everyone was stuffed, except me because I ordered catfish. Ugggh! I asked her to bring out 4 of her favorite and we would share.

This was an apple cobbler I believe. I dont see it listed on the menu though.

The chocolate cake. Really good!

Hummingbird cake. Good. Very good actually.

And my fave the pecan pie.

Our server told us she took the 4 most expensive meals off the bill for the TS credits. Thank you! We paid and rolled ourselves out of there.

We went back to the buses and got in the line for AKL. Ant went back to lost and found, which is really close to the buses, and inquired about A’s gator hat lost on splash mountain. This CM was a Florida fan and was like “wow! What a great hat!”, when Ant showed him the pix. He took some time looking but did not find it.


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Day 8/Dec 28 cont

We returned to AKL and hung out watching the animals on the savannah. They were out and active! Is this what they do when everyone is at the parks?





X and I headed to the Mara to use up our snack and table service credits. I got some treats for the neighbor who was taking in our mail. I also used our last 4 quick service credits (on the 3 Alejandros room-I dont think my FIL ever got the dining plan concept) to get some food to nibble on at the airport. We had an 8:00 pm flight and might be hungry about then.

Then we waited for the magical express:

And had some fun. 2 AJ’s????

Got to the airport and what a shock! The boys were hungry!

The last of the Disney food☹️



Our flight was delayed just a smidge because of weather. We boarded and I was looking forward to a nice cup of tea and a relaxing flight home. The captain made an announcement that due to the storms he was not allowing the flight attendants to do beverage/snack service. Goodbye hot tea!
After seatbelt check I never saw a flight attendant until we landed. AND, there was not one single bump or air pocket. Smoothest flight ever. Maybe the crew was tired?

We touched down in Long Island and headed towards baggage claim. My friend’s dad is in the county hall of fame and his picture is prominently displayed on the path to baggage claim. The last thing I do when I fly home is take a picture of his picture and send it to her.

X’s girlfriend and her Dad brought Kobe home minutes after we arrived. It was close to midnight! They must have wanted to get rid of him😂


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Those Homecomin’ desserts looked to-die-for!! Especially that chocolate cake, which is my favorite!!

Smart move to get quick service to go - and creative way to use up those extra credits!


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Day 4/Dec24 cont

After our beer break we headed to SSE for our fastpass.
“Mom, we doing that ball thing?”
“Love, today I am Cinderella and nothing is keeping me from the ball. “
View attachment 344349
“Ummmm, except all these people!”
This was the FP line. Yikes! I sent Ant to do some recon on the ECV/knee scooter situation. Turns out, there was a side entrance for the scooters. Oh good! But only two additional guests per scooter. Oh good! Er...I mean....darn! (I dont mean darn!) So I decided, those of us who wanted another beer would go do that while the youngens, and Ant, would do SSE. At the last second my FIL tried to come with us drinkers and I firmly told him “no”. The riders needed him and his scooter to use the secret entrance.
So while they did that a splinter crew headed to world showcase by way of club cool.
View attachment 344350
They had never heard of THE Beverly. (Cue evil laugh)
View attachment 344351
So happy now, just you wait!
View attachment 344352
This says it all!

We headed to Canada ay for some Molson Goldens.
View attachment 344355

Reengaging with this awesome report! I just wanted to stop here and say how much I'm enjoying it. It reminds me so much of my last trip when I was the "leader" of a large group that included multi ECVs. I can certainly relate with your plight and challenges - and I love how you all got them on the "Beverly" trick! I feel like a kindred spirit!

I also enjoy all the little stories, drama and antidotes your putting in your report!
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Day6/Dec 26 cont

Finally I was allowed to check in. Checker inner person: “How many children 12 and under?” Me: “none.” CM: “all participants 12 and under need to wear a life vest. How many life vests do you need?” Me: “none, the youngest is 13.” CM: “It says here 5 adults and 6 kids”. Me: “five over 21. No one is under 12.”
She is muttering and clearly upset and asks me to wait a minute. She leaves her boothy thing and my SIL comes over to see what’s up. The CM, who was also our driver/pilot/skipper said it was booked with 6 kids. I think I might have been a tad snippy because I did not book any kids and I was tired of repeating myself. (Where is that damn champagne? And the desserts? What the hell is going on???)
She was trying to tell me something , trying to be gentle but I had no idea what was going on. Finally she told me that we were all booked on one boat. I thought that was ok, perhaps no other DVC members were partaking tonight. She just kept staring at me, willing me to catch up so she wouldn't have to say it. I asked about the party and she told me, “there is no party. There has never been a party. DVC booked you on something that doesn't exist.” I think I just stood there blinking. I was like a deer in the headlights. How could DVC? No DVC wouldn't. They couldn't!
They did.

I was too upset to have a tantrum! I am a crier, even now, reliving this I am getting misty eyed, but I couldnt even cry.

Then my SIL notices this:

View attachment 348569
SIL gestures her head toward the sign and I follow her gaze. Our driver stands there waiting for it to finally sink in. I looked at her and she kind of shrugged. As if in sympathy. It wasnt her doing and I wasn't mad at her but boy was I mad!
They were putting us on a 25 foot pontoon boat. The same 25 foot pontoon bost I tried to book but was told I could not because we were 11 people and the pontoon bost only seats 10.
A premium FW cruise is $349. Minus 10% DVC discount. I paid $995!!! For something that doesn't even exist!!’
DVC screwed me! Can I say screwed? I felt as if all the life had left my body. How could they?
There was nothing I could do right there and then. DVC and Disney proper do not mingle- I already learned that when I had some issues with our AP’s before we left on the trip. I tried to put on a happy face but I felt as if DVC had just- if I finish that sentence I will no doubt be banned from this site forever. Lets just say I felt like the guest star of law and order svu- not in a good way.

Fireworks wait for no one so lets get on with it. We finally boarded at 9:08 (pix timestamp)

View attachment 348575

Ahoy Mickey!

View attachment 348583

We all got comfy. Driver (I know her name but dont want to use it. I will explain later) asked the 21 and over crowd to all sit in the back. My niece had to weasle in and my husband had to sit in the front with the kids. $995 and I cant sit with my hubby. Then, she breaks out her fake ID. Seriously??? Ummm, parents??
View attachment 348577

View attachment 348578

View attachment 348579

View attachment 348580

View attachment 348581

View attachment 348582

This was our “party”. Plus, ONE bottle of champagne between 5, now 6 drinkers.
View attachment 348584
And there were 10 (10!) chocolate covered strawberries for 11 people-boat for 10..... I did not get one.

Also, my FIL spilled his entire flute of champagne 10 seconds after it was poured.

I switched seats with A so I could be closer to driver. She has worked at WDW for 35 years and was a virtual plethora of information!

Horrible on their part! Gosh I feel for you.


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Day 7/ Dec 27 cont

We were sitting near the kitchen and they kept bringing out this dessert, the Volcano. And they would have a group of servers yell “the vol kay nooooo”.
It was getting on our nerves. When it came time to order dessert of course we had to get a couple. Each one counts as two dessert credits but could easily feed 4 or more.

View attachment 349715

We also got cheesecake
View attachment 349712

Key lime pie
View attachment 349713

And my fave, mango sorbet. (Mango is so hot right now)
View attachment 349714

Oh Ash, you disappoint. But X and AJ ( I mean oil and water) were getting along! Another Christmas miracle.
View attachment 349718

I went to the ladies room and saw this on the floor next to me. I dont like to judge but I will.
Ewww! Yuck! Gross! And disgusting! Why would anyone put their camera on the restroom floor????
View attachment 349717
And the bag too. There are hooks for that.

We headed out into the night. I had brought glow necklaces so we could continue to “see” each other even if we couldn't “see” each other.
View attachment 349720

So pretty!
View attachment 349719

We had one more bonus FP to use. Who is up for another EE run???
Dre was definately not as he was not feeling well still. But the rest of my crew was. Sadly, SIL/BIL, their crew and my FIL were not up for it. Guys, you can sleep on the plane.
They are not Disney people but its ok.
View attachment 349722

Camera on the bathroom floor is a big NO-NO!


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That was so fun reading your trip report! It's a gray cold rainy day here in Pittsburgh, what a great lift me up!
Thank you so much for reading. Spring is on it’s way!!! (I hope!)
I don't often comment, but I really enjoyed your TR. It was fun and insightful. I loved the trials as well as the good times! It looks like you had a great time even with issues that happened!
Thank you for your comment and for reading. No trip is ever perfect. Writing this TR helped me keep it all in perspective.

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