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Trip Report THE ONE...(February 2020)


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Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages and fellow Magicians, as you can see, I am having a little trouble with the title of this trip report. It could be “THE ONE FOR MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY”, or “THE ONE WHERE I LEFT MY BRAIN AT HOME.” Or there is, “THE ONE WHERE I GOT A GLIMPSE OF A DISNEY LEGEND”. There is also, “THE ONE WHERE WE JOINED THE RESISTANCE”.
I think I will begin title less and let all you good people have a say when it is over.

We always begin with the why.
A small bit of background first:
M and I have been friend’s since college (a looong time😎). M’s family has a small family business. When my kids were little my job got to be too much (70-100 hours a week) so I left. When my youngest started Kindergarten M’s family asked me if I would come work for them part time. It is not what I went to school for but it offered me flexibility for the kids, and besides, how do you say no to family?
So some of you may have figured it out, M is not only my friend, but my boss as well.

M is a great friend! No really! Die hard Met fan who will go with me to see the Dodgers when they are in town and actually root (🎶root root🎶) for the Dodgers.

M had a birthday coming up. M’s sister and two grown nieces are big Disney fans and we are always talking about what is new with the parks, food and the shopping😍. Poor M, always left out. So I asked if he wanted to go for his Birthday. “YES”, was his answer BTW. (Plus, my oldest son, X had a lacrosse game in Jacksonville so we got to see that as well.)
M hadn't been to WDW in 20 years! So we got the time off from HR (M’s sister🤣) and I started planning.
I will say, taking a newbie (after a 20 year absence you revert to newbie status-this is the way) to WDW is fun! I got to see everything through his eyes, like it was the first time. Plus, if I made a miscalculation or left something out—he had no way of knowing!!!🤣🤣 M’s only request: “can we ride the teacups?” (and he asked X to score 5 goals for him as a birthday gift-stay tuned for that)
“Of course we can!” My family will never ride the teacups with me so I haven't been on them in at least 10 years. This was off to a promising start!!!


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And I love that title!
Or how about The One We've All Been Waiting For?

And the wait is over!

I’m here! Your title should probably be “The one where I could’ve waited a week longer and hung out with Loco and got Bucky back all full of special treats”, but that may be a bit long.
I love the title!!! And special treats😜
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