The Official PeopleMover Thread!

One day, i wish to fall asleep on that beautiful ride, and hope nobody wakes me up for the next hour.

hmm this post made me think, if you do fall asleep and youre there by yourself, will the CMs wake you up when its time to get off or will they just let you stay on, especially if there like no line:shrug:


I am another lover of TTA. It is just as much of a ride as Snow White or Pooh. I have to ride it every time I'm in MK. Probably my favorite part of Tomorrowland.

Long Live TTA:sohappy:


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Gotta love the TTA (or Wedway people mover as I think of it)

Quick question: When did the mannequin wearing the sexy black stockings appear :shrug: . I don't remember it as a child (unless it took me to became an adult male to notice it :D )

I think she showed up during the mid-90s re-do.


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The WedWay Peoplemover was the first ride I ever had at Walt Disney World. (Not counting the parking lot tram or the monorail ride over to the park.

We love it and always ride it whenever we visit.


While not the "coolest ever" I do like the people mover. I get to ride a couple times while everyone else does SM. One time, while riding with my dad and stepmother, we got a kick out of seeing my sisters getting in their SM rocket car.

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