The Next Poster - Disney Style


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A New Game!

Let's play The Next Poster, Disney style.

Ask a T or F question and learn more about us 'magic folks'.

Make a statement such as "the next poster loves Donald Duck" then the next poster will say yes, I love them, or no, I hate them.. so on and so forth. Keep it Disney questions

For example:

TNP (the next poster) has stayed in Wilderness Lodge

Response (by the next poster) -

True (kind of). I've stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Villas. It was 3 weeks after the birth of my last child. I was so happy to be there and off of bedrest it wasn't even funny.

Okay, here it goes......

TNP rides Dumbo their first ride at MK every trip.


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True - but it's more like a laugh scream. Like my mind can't figure out whether it should be scared or have fun.

TNP goes to MK as their first park every trip


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not always true, I want to but if I can't make it there in the morning I'll save it for when I can get there for rope drop or EMH


Likes Rock N Roller Coaster more than Tower of Terror


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False - I've never been there on Halloween before. I've never even ridden Haunted Mansion during the MNSSHP....that's sad.

TNP has done a Grand Gathering event

Matt and Kelly

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False, but we have talked about renewing our vows on our 10 year anniversary...only 9 more years to go!!

TNP has been in the front car on the Rockin' Roller Coaster
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