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The New World Showcase


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Ahh, my first thread. I posted this in a thread about what countries EPCOT should add, but things turned into an arguement, I just found this board here, so I'll repost it.

I have been thinking about this, and have taken a satelite image of the World Showcase, replotting it to fill in more countries. Of course, there is a great chance that this is not feasable, reasonable, or aesthecitally pleasing, but I was just trying to piece things together to give countries an adequate amount of space, I hope, and fit them in. I had always thought that it was a crime that some countries were not included, specifically Greece, Russia, Australlia, and Egypt.

In the picture below, I have fit in the countries best I can, keeping the aspect that I've always liked about World Showcase, that the first and last countries are our neighbors to the South and North.


I had originally thought of more integrating the movies of each land, then realized that posts in that thread were correct in saying that doing so would go against the purpose. I do, however, think that each country should have a special place where one could meet the characters of that country, and only there, not on some party bus roving about. These characters would be unique to that pavillion, something to get kids interested more. It could also show the way Disney interprets itself in the different countries. I know I phrased that horribly, but it's the best thing I could come up with. I also think more rides should be incorporated, but not merely as thrills that provide no educational value, or as a showcase of Disney characters.

This is a walk about the lagoon in my dream of the World Showcase...

Explorer's Shop: Mickey, Minney, Goofy, & Donald
The empty building next to Mexico should be turned into a place that sells informational guides about the different countries, as well as general travellers equipments, and other such stuff. It would be themed after a traveller's trophy room, and hold many oddities from the different countries around the lagoon. This could also be the place where you could get passports to get stamped around the world.

Mexico: The Three Caballeros
Nothing besides the characters. That's the only change I'd make to a wonderful pavilion.

African Outpost: Lion King or Tarzan
Move it here, since it is small and not much room is needed. Theme the area to a tribal village placed back in the wooded areas.

Norway: Unsure on what characters to showcase
Keep this also just the way it is.

China: Mulan
Great pavillion, but somethings missing, although I can't, at the moment, think of something to add that would fit right.

Egypt: Unsure on what characters to showcase
Wrap it around the river and form the nile. A Pyramid could be placed near the dry dock area, obscuring it. This could also contain the entrance to a nile river ride. The rest of the area would be a small village, the back of which would be a large desert mountain range.

Greece: Hercules
The other side of the mountain range would provide the rocky hills of Greece. These would wrap around the back of the pavillion, holding a forced perspective version of the Acropolis. A beautiful village with lush greenery would take up the majority of the space, and the mountain with the Acropolis could hold a ride themed to the Greek Myths

Germany: Snow White
Build the Rhine River ride. Also, build some of the alps peaking out from over the rooftops.

Switzerland: Unsure on what characters to showcase
The Alps would continue here, and Switzerland would be based on an alpine village. Although it may not be necessary given Expedition Everest, it would be nice to have the Matterhorn be the centerpiece. If not a roller coaster, there could be gondola that carries guests to the top, from where they could get a breathtaking view of the entire park, or the gondola itself could be a ride, going through various scenes, maybe telling a Swiss legend. It would fit in with the mountains of the surrounding pavillions, except for American Adventure, who may be able to block the visual intrusian with some clever landscaping

Italy: Pinocchio
The Alps would terminate in Italy. This is another wonderful pavillion, although a gondola ride (the aquatic one this time) would be nice. I would love the entire pavillion to have the venice waterways, but I know that's definitely not feasable or reasonable.

The American Adventure: Pocahontas
No reason for change here, save the characters.

Japan: Unsure on what characters to showcase
Japan is another wonderful pavillion that I see no problem with, but many may find boring. I think a ride in the castle would be nice, but what to base it on is the trouble. And no, no Godzilla. For the love of all that is holy, no Godzilla. That was a suggestion in the original thread.

India: Jungle Book
A packed and bustling village much like Morocco would be nice here, except with more of a tropical feel. The jungle would intrude wherever possible, and shows could include people who charm snakes, walk coals, lie on beds of nails, and other tricks such as that. I can't think of any ride that wouldn't just be a clone of the Jungle Cruise. Maybe there could be a trail in the back through the jungle with some animatronic animals. It could go through some ruins.

Morocco: None
I specifically stated that there be no characters in Morocco. Morocco is meant to be a sacred place, as mentioned in the original thread, and is a staggering pavillion just as it is. It creates total immersion, and the only thing I would suggets is filling the empty spaces in the back with small stands, giving the feel of a bustling bazaar. It just seems a bit empty there sometimes. Even if a stand or two were just empty fakes with fake fruit or objects glued down, it would add to the atmosphere.

Russia: Anastasia
The centerpiece would, of course, be the large cathedral in Moscow. Surrounding this would be a bustling city and marketplace around the time of the Russian Revolution. Perhaps posters could be set up featuring leaders, or just general Communist posters, although that may be deemed too political and harsh. The areas more toward the water would be farmland. Russia would be a good place for a movie, likely housed within the cathedral.

France: Beauty and the Beast and/or Hunchback of Notre Dame
I would love to see them build the cathedral somewhere, but that may be stretching it a bit. France is another wonderful pavillion, but I would suggest including a french cabaret, albeit a Disneyfied, cleaned up version. I would also like to see the actual rose in Beauty in the Beast somewhere in a shop, although I know the stained glass windows are probably enough. Also, on the land next to the gateway, a beautiful French Chateu could be placed, even if just for show.

The British Isles: Peter Pan, Great Mouse Detective, Robin Hood, Scrooge McDuck?
Before you jump on me, I merely lumped them together so I could talk more easily about them. Plus, I don't really know enough about Ireland and Scotland to plan them out in detail. I was thinking about how much of a shame it was that nothing could be placed in the large plot of land between France and England due to that ruining the effect of the bridge being the Channel. Well, I figured why not put England's mates there, so the effect is not lost. Also, I think England is missing a key part, the bustling London city. I think an area in the back should serve as London, complete with a Parliament Building and Big Ben in the background, much like the Eiffel Tower in France. Also, if it's not too much to ask, maybe there could be a little apartment with the address of 221B, and the London Street could be Baker Street. Also, I'm sorry, but Scrooge and his kilt wearing rival were the only thing I could think up.

Spain: The Three Caballeros?
Them the area after a small Spanish city, with beautiful yellow buildings and red clay roofs. No ride in this small pavillion. The food and dancing speaks for itself.

Australlia: Rescuers Down Under
I think the best way to handle Australlia is to split it in two parts, like Mexico. The area on the waterfront is urban, including the Sydney Opera House, which will sit on the waters of the lagoon. The inland side of the road will be an Aboriginal settlement in the Outback, with the large Ayers Rock in the background. A Crocodile stunt show could be seen here, as well as a show of Aboriginal customs.

Canada: Brother Bear
Canada is a beautiful pavillion without much to it. I think that behind the Rockies, more mountains should be build up, and a log ride that goes through multiple scenes involving Candaian history and customs and/or the logging industry, with some drops and a moderate one that swings them around the front of what is now the Rockies, dropping them off at the exit.

That's my dream of the World Showcase. Perhaps, as things continue, I will plan out the individual pavillions in drawings and post them here. Any ideas and help would be wonderful.


hey you got some good ideas going, I like the way you added the lands, I and I really like how you are adding characters to all the places. Some Conties aready do that like I know the Whinnie the Pooh gang hangs out in the back of the toy store in the UK, and Peter pan is around there too. Belle and her beast chill in france, and mulan in china. and I think Snow white has fun in germany. and I Aladden et all. romp around in Moracco (and I say romp cause when I was there last the Genie was actualy skippind down the streets of Maracco)

As for the other/new charactors: for egypt this may sound alittle far fecthed but the charactors from the broadway show Aida, would fit well. there just not well known cause it is just a play and not a movie.

Correct me if Im wrong but Isnt Anastaia Universal or Dreamworks? I never thought she belonged to Disney.

I know you want to keep Maracco sacride, but Aladden takes place there so its perfect for them, maybe if you moved them out of the main part of the pavilion and created something on the shore of the lake for them. that way there still there but sort of removed.

As for other things, I would be cool to get some rides going in some of these places. like the Norway Ride. I know it might be hard, epcialy if by adding more counrties your cutting out some room for them. but maybe like In Greece buld a ride about the vacanlo of Pompi, and the Gods. In China you could do something like the American Adventure but about China's rich history. In Austraila just by puuting the Opera house in your almost begging for some sort of show there.

Thoughs are just my sugestions, take them at will. but got alot of really good ideas going for you
First off Anastasia is Twentieth Cetury Fox, secondly- i think you should leave out countries located in Animal kingdom. that way you have no repeats from the other marks in WDW.

I like all of your ideas. A few far fetched but still would be great. I had always wanted a ride for germany. riding down the rhine exploring the diffrent castles that line its mountains. well thats just my wish. they can do anything they want just don't get rid of the German restaurant. I love the food!!! well keep up the good work!!!


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Russia could use Peter and the Wolf...not the most well know Disney short, but certainly appropriate.
Japan should have the attraction originally planned for it - Meet the World.
Cinderella could also appear in France...gotta appeal to those Disney Princess fans.
Here's an attraction idea that might quiet some of those always bagging on the (very good) Pooh ride - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride v.2 in the United Kingdom. This time, make it even more English and less day-glo gaudy.
I would personally love to see more attractions in World Showcase...at least one per country. I don't mean cheesy thrill rides; I'm talking history of the country type attractions - on the scale of El Rio Del Tiempo (or grander), while avoiding cultural stereotypes like the bartering scene (I cringe through that every time, but love the ride otherwise).

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