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The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History'


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A person on a Disney fan page on Facebook is going around saying that there are five years plans to have a Muppet attraction in liberty square ( he seems to assert there is some show going to be placed above ,yes above, hall of presidents) and despite me breaking it down on why that does not make sense he insists he has "friends higher up" who say otherwise. I chalk it up to an overactive imagination and a cry out for attention.... but to be sure...

To my friends here who normally know whats what, more then these hypothetical higher ups, please set the record straight as to what he may be referring to and/or how he is incorrect.

Note I think this person has no sanity in what they are suggesting I just want reassurance

EDIT: the Rumor is that a Muppet attraction may be going in the next five years ABOVE the hall of presidents or next door in the Heritage house. This is NOT a rumor of the replacement of the HoP!
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Can you post a link to the post? Seems quite amusing that somebody believes that the Muppets would get another show especially in a place like LIBERTY SQUARE. What maybe a Sam Eagle show...really? Sometimes people can get out of hand with these rumors.


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PERSON: They're [referring to the Muppets] moving over to Magic Kingdom for performances above the Hall of Presidents. Not anytime in the near future, though.

Me: False! Where did you hear that

Different person i think he was being sarcastic...

PERSON: I wasn't being sarcastic. Lol, I know. A higher up WDW employee friend told me so when I was discussing Pizza Planet.

Me: And the bus driver told me a fifth gate was opening. there is zero legitmacy to that rumor. Also HoP doesn't have a second story unless you are suggesting they are replacing HoP with Muppets. Either way no legitmacy to this.

It'll be via the rooftop. Outdoor show.

Me: The proof is in the pudding but its not going to happen let your higher up know that
Person: Lulzzz. Time shall tell!

Me:Long explanation not shown here of why this is silly.

Person: Lol. This isn't what I "think" will happen. Like I mentioned, I asked my corporate WDW friend about Pizza Planet and this is what he told me was the plan.
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The person was using "lullllzzzz" they're very obviously trolling and finding themselves clever. Unfortunately, being on facebook, it will gain traction. I had someone post a thing how if someone dies in fursuit, they prop them up on a bench until the park closes. He firmly believes it's true and fought tooth and nail for it


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Lol. Hilarious. That might make sense in today's newly named of Hollywood Studios... Muppet Courtyard. I mean, that seems like the logical place to put more muppets, no? Especially since there is currently only one Muppet-related thing in that area.

Hall of Presidents isn't going away anytime soon. Gotta keep wooing the government. And this idea is plain rediculous and false. I feel bad for even contributing to giving this person attention.

Is a muppets attraction in Liberty Square any less ridiculous than Guardians of the Tower?
Haha, that's what I was thinking. Wouldn't be surprising with the current execs and current kind of thinking though.
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