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The List of Things You Must Do at Disney


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Well, I'm planning a trip to Disney this summer, and we're taking my cousin Aaron who's my age and has never been there. About a year ago, I began thinking of things that I had to do. I always happen to forget little things, and I want to make sure I do them.

Now, what about all of you? What things must you do on your vacation? I'm not talking about riding rides, or stuff like that. I'm talking about the little things. For instance, every trip, I have to take one complete circuit on the MK Railroad, I have to ride into MK on the monorail at least once, and I have to get a picture taken in front of the sign for "The Living Seas" while it's splashing. Last time we went, I stayed in EPCOT a bit alone and got to sit in France writing poetry, something I wanted to do.

Here's some from my list that I haven't done yet:

Get a Dole Whip

Trick Aaron into drinking Beverly

Pull the rope in front of Indiana Jones

Find the hidden trail

Now, what things are on your list? What little things do you have to do? Perhaps we can give each other some great ideas.


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Wow, this could be a REALLY long list (ignoring ones already listed):

  • Find a character you've never seen before
  • Make a wish at Cindy's fountain on the side
  • Wake up Tinkerbell
  • Ride ToT 10 times in a row
  • People watch in FutureWorld
  • Mickey bars!
  • Funnel cake at the American pavillion
  • Get pictures of every XMas tree you can find (we always go in Dec)
  • Crepes in France
  • Margaritas in Mexico
  • Laugh at the fools who THINK they know the whole entrance spiel at HM and fumble it
  • Take time to see a show (B&B is a fav if Return to Zero is preshow)
  • Relax at the pools
  • Take a walk on the beach at the Poly
  • Watch Wishes from the Poly
  • Watch the Water Parade
  • Take time to get away from everyone else at the parks
  • Frozen lemonade & popcorn in AK
  • Find a new and unique pin
  • Go to a park just to take pictures
  • Always ask for Kinder Eggs in Germany at get disappointed
  • Get a silhouette of the girls in Liberty Square
Those are just a few of the top of my head. Everybody else in the family has their own also so we have lots to do. Makes me wonder how we DO spend any time on the rides . . .


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MGM - take photo of the kids "singing in the rain" under the umbrella.
Epcot - eat fish n chips at the little patio area behind the thatch cottage
MK - dolewhip, Walt & Mickey photo op, sing "I'm Walking Right Down the Middle of Main St. U.S.A" on our first day at MK (its always early)
AK - Ride Safari at least once.


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Every time we go I take a picture of my wife at the wishing well (stage right when you are facing Cinderella Castle)....of course last November, our honeymoon, the path was closed due to painting the castle....c'est la vie...


1. Get a Dole Whip FLOAT!!!

2. Get some caramel corn from Sleepy Hollow (on the outskirts of Liberty Square)

3. Get a beer/wine somewhere in WS and sit and enjoy each other's company in the midst of the busy rushing of vacationers.....

4. Pirates

5. Splash

6. People Mover x 5.....the best way to relax....especially if it's hot out....

This list is abbreviated......I hope it helps....

Remember.... ALWAYS GET A DOLE WHIP FLOAT....Pineapple on Pineapple...

my 2 cents....



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Not sure what this one is. How do you wake up Tinkerbell, and where is she?

Get an ADR to get in the park early, go through the castle and on the left is the Tinkerbell's Treasures store. If you can get in early enough, past all the other crazy people, you get to be the "one" and initiate the Tink Light Show.


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not sure how long your there for, but we always have a day out of the parks and just go resort hopping,take boat to one resort then catch the monarail to another, go see as many as you can on as many transpaort as you can ,boat bus train! stop at one and have luch (we do the wilderness buffet great value) have adrink in the poly etc. great to see all the different types of theming even get out to the all stars if you can.


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Get at least one of those big Toy Story mugs at MGM at the Pizza Planet (my DS loves Toy Story).

Get a chocolate milkshake at Girardelli's in DD


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Because the food at WDW is amazing.

Ohhh and you must buy a huge block of rice krispies at either the confectionary at MK or Sweet Spells at MGM.

I agree with you about the rice krispy treats. Having said that, I think referring to the food at WDW as "amazing" is probably a bit of a stretch, don't you think? :lol: :lol:


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Magic Kingdom
eat a Mickey bar in front of the partners statue
eat a footlong hotdog at Casey's corner and watch the 3:00 parade
ride the people mover at least 5 times in a row
walk around (then stagger) world showcase and drink a beer in every country
ride test track at least 5 times or more
watch the street performers at 5:00 p.m. and drink a cold beer
find the key under the mat at the muppet 3-d show
ride dinosaur abunch
find the hidden mickey in the tree of life
Find the Jafar rock
Fort Wilderness
go bass fishing (caught some big ones!)
Wildewrness Lodge
eat at Whispering Canyon Cafe

find as many hidden Mickeys as I can everywhere :hammer:

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