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I've had an iPhone since 2007, and had it on my last trip to Disney World in 2007. There was no such thing as an App Store back then, so no WDWMagic app or any other app for that matter. Having that phone was awesome though, so much so, that my Mom and brother purchased one upon returning from the trip.

Fast forward to 2011 and my next trip to Disney. My wife and I have a pair of 4S's for video/photo, apps, etc. But we also have an iPad. We know a family that traveled with one this past April and loved having it at Disney.

They were playing board games while waiting in line, looking at big images of the park maps, and all sorts of other stuff.

I think it's rather large, and really am not too sure what you do with it when you get on a ride to keep it safe.

Any thoughts on traveling with an iPad in the parks?


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If I were going to take a tablet to WDW I would just buy an inexpensive one that Walmart,Big Lots,or Best Buys, ect have. they have them for $100 or less
for Web browsing to use in the rooms
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I guess it depends on the situation. When I was living in the area, I would visit the parks alone almost daily and read books, check emails, etc., just while soaking up the environment. If I was on a vacation with others, and going on rides and such, I'd hate to worry about carrying/losing/breaking an iPad. But my fondest memories of the parks, particularly Epcot, are not riding rides, but sitting in World Showcase with a book and just relaxing in an amazing place. So in that sense, an iPad would be great.
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